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Apothecary Jar Tole Painted Tin Lid Unique


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I can just guess that you won’t have an apothecary jar like this amongst your beautiful collection. This piece is special because of the unusual form and the colorful tole painted lid. It is a large size and would be great for storage use in your pantry!

This late 19th century jar is not hand blown but has a molded or pressed glass form. There are two separate pieces of glass that were joined together at the top shoulder as referenced in images 2, 3 & 4. The joining is smooth but does have several raised areas that resemble a tiny “V” pattern. Two visible seams starting from the shoulder area run directly up to the top edge but no seam is visible on the body itself which dictates a non-conforming and out of the ordinary piece. The top edge has a rough cut appearance which is period correct. However there are more than several chips along with a large chip confined to this area as referenced in images 3, 4 & 5. There are faint scratches throughout the body.

The gentle kicked up bottom has visible concentric circles in the middle area only that resemble growth rings in a tree. Very interesting! The form of this apothecary is wonderful and there are no other chips to report…….no cracks either!

An artistic and creative person decided to leave their brush strokes of whimsy on the tin lid by incorporating a stylized peach and leaf design. I do believe the tole painting was a free-form style and not stenciled, sporting folksy peaches with charismatic leaves. There are two raised areas on the lid, one closer to the front edge and the other in the middle which adds favorable dimension to the overall look. Typical comma strokes encompass the inner border rim dressed in a soft canary yellow. Six tiny chips in the paint are present but the rest of the design is strong. The work is quite detailed lending delicious color values to the leaves and peaches. The underside of the lid as referenced in image 10 consists of a rich, dark patina-ed surface that only time can lend. There are no dents or creases to report as this lid is in very good condition!

Oh the possibilities…… far as what to place inside!! Crushed corn can be used for autumn decorating or small dried corn would be equally great or what about using wee pumpkins with corn shucks too! Small brooms or apples would make a nice display for Halloween and for the holidays candy canes placed inside with greens would be terrific. You can also add old mercury glass ornaments for a colorful look or why not consider using gingerbread men mixed with old tin cookie cutters too. You will have fun changing out the contents for each season and this apothecary is well suited for the task! Enjoy!

Apothecary stands 9” tall, measures 4” across the top opening (right to left) and measures 6 ¾” across the bottom (right to left). The tin lid stands ¾” tall and measures 4 ½” across the bottom.

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