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Autumn Halloween Tin with Black Cat Gathering


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If you are looking for a small and unusual Autumn / Halloween gathering then you may not want to hesitate on this one as it is one of a kind! My inspiration was using an old tin oval container that makes for a nice display of the added contents which is included.

A black cat named “Midnight” found a home inside the container surrounded by an old bottle, bottle brush tree and of course a soft and warm mohair blanket that she loves to sit on. She is made of scented (nice aroma) blackened beeswax and I added the white accents to give her more personality. Midnight has a twisted wire hanger so she can also adorn a Halloween tree.

Have you priced bottle brush painted trees lately that sport triple bands in autumn or Halloween colors? Very expensive! I purchased a variety of cream colored trees and decided to paint them myself as this was a cheaper option. I choose to be a little different and added a series of dots instead of the banding. Here is the result as shown painted in lamplight black along with a pumpkin hue. The base was also painted in keeping with the Halloween color scheme.

An old bottle exhibiting an old cork stopper was filled with my version of “Autumn Powder” is accented with a label I painted entitled “Autumn Breeze” that is backed with mohair fabric. The bottle dates from the late 19th century and has a kicked up bottom. An old cork stopper keeps the contents safe while broom corn accents hang lazily from the right. There are a couple of tiny chips on the edge of the top opening and one more chip on the front edge of the bottom location. No cracks are present.

The oval container was fashioned from sheet iron and does have visible soldered areas near the bottom on the front and back locations as shown. There are two folded over seams present on the right and left hand side as referenced in images 18 & 21. No rust is present and the dark surface is a delight! The container is filled with black excelsior, sea moss and sprays of autumn flowers.

This unique piece can grace a small cupboard shelf with ease and can also be added to your existing collections lending special holiday enchantment. You can take out the contents and replace with Christmas items such as bottle brush trees, a small Santa or Putz Sheep that will create magic for this holiday as well. Lye soap, a small brush and clothespins can also be added for everyday decorating especially in a laundry room setting! Have fun & Enjoy!

Tin container measures almost 6 ½” across the top opening (right to left), measures 4” front to back, stands 2 ½” tall, measures 5 ¼”across the bottom (right to left) and measures 3 ¼” (front to back). Midnight the cat stands almost 6” tall including the hanger, measures 2 ¼” across @ the widest point (bottom) and is ¼” thick. Festive tree stands 3 ¼” tall, measures 1 ½” across @ the widest point (above the base), base measures ¾” across and measures ¼” across at the top location. Old bottle stands 6” tall, measures ½” across the top opening, measures 2 ½” across the front shoulder area, measures 2” across the bottom and is ¼” deep.

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