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Bewitching Old Pair of Child's Brooms in Paint


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Halloween is the perfect time of year to have fun decorating our homes with appropriate pieces that tie in this theme! This next offering will not only fit this theme but will also create instant charm and enchantment to any hearth or pantry! I have had these brooms in my collection for years and adore the handles boasting contrasts in the paint color……especially the bittersweet orange! This dazzling duo make a fine pair and belong together because of the height and the great color that compliments each of them.

The smaller broom sports whispers of a beautiful apple green painted handle that has been wire wrapped and secured by a nail located at the top. The sorghum material is in good condition and the woven string is also in good condition. There are a couple areas as shown in image 4 where the first layer of wrapped wire tucked inside the sorghum is exposed.

Very fine spots of white paint can also be seen on the back of the broom, wire and the lower portion of the handle as referenced in images 6, 7 & 8. This is a lightweight broom through made well and very sturdy. The bottom of the broom is darker in color than the top due to use by a darling child! Send her over here! LOL!

The second broom is very special as the bittersweet colored handle is hard to find and sought after for Halloween decorating. I am also taken with the orange woven string on the sorghum that possess a strong hue. There is some light string loss and fraying on the edge as shown in images 19 & 20. The ends of the sorghum are wispy and the corners are semi rounded due to use.

The bottom portion of the handle has some areas that have a midnight black almost sponge appearance (similar to manganese decoration on pieces of redware pottery). The upper portion of the handle has an area where the paint is nonexistent, worn by a child’s hands as she was certainly busy at her work. One of the pieces of sorghum has pulled away from the body as noted in images 18 & 21. This broom is much heavier than its friend. The overall condition is still good.

Did you know that the broom is connected to symbolism and superstition for centuries? One example is: if you sweep your dust outwards towards the front door you will sweep your luck away. Before you start your sweeping job fill a bucket with warm water and basil leaves. Soak the broom in the bucket and sweep away. This is supposed to bring luck into the home. They say it is extra lucky if you do it nine days in a row. Yet others say you should dip your broom into cinnamon water as this will bring good luck to your homestead. Either way, these brooms will be a hit for autumn decorating and beyond! Enjoy!

Small broom stands 31” tall and measures 5” across the widest area (bottom). The larger broom (bittersweet handle) stands 38 ¾” tall and measures 6 ¾” across the widest area (bottom).

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