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Black Sock Doll Primitive Pin Cushion Neat


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This wonderful pin cushion is just as "cute as a button", no pun intended and is very unique! She dates from around the1930's to 1940's and was cleverly designed by a maker who had ingenuity in mind.

Simple detail is reflected in her face lending charming results. It appears that her head was fashioned from a lightweight sock and the old mother of pearl eyes are secured with sewing pins. The naïve eyebrows and mouth were hand stitched on and so were the two simple dots that portray a nose. Sweet! A couple of pins or needles were removed and indicate her head was stuffed with sawdust. The head does lean forward and tilt to the left just a little from the weight of this stuffing. This age attributed feature gives her a personality all her own while lending character to the overall appearance.

The question of whether the maker implemented the pin cushion in this design because she already had it to start with or whether she hand ~ fashioned the pin cushion to incorporate in this project, we may never know. Either way I think we can all agree that it works and is the focal point. The tomato pin cushion is made of silk and sports an aged putty color wrapped several times with thick black thread. It is stuffed with sawdust as well and is very firm. The rest of her body is stuffed with cotton. The bottom of this cushion does show some wear from being laid and dragged across the surface when pins were needed for sewing projects but is still in good condition with very little fraying.

Her arms and half body were fashioned from a woven cotton that resembles flax but is soft and pliable. The color is a dull sage green with random spots of darker green flecks throughout that you would commonly see in boucle wool fabrics. It looks like she is holding onto the pin cushion for dear life, as if the pins she is guarding were made of gold! Such a good little girl! There is a tiny round spot near her neck, over to the left, that indicates a light tan color but is limited to this area only.

The pants she wears were fashioned from cotton and have a warm rust appearance with small variegated black threads incorporated throughout. Both of her hands and feet come to a point which indicates a hint of folk art charm. There are no holes, stains (other than the one mentioned above), rips or tears to report. Very good condition without any offensive odors either! All of the pins, as shown are also included.

This unusual sewing necessity has all the makings of appealing pleasantries hand cast by the maker with every stitch. Our job is to protect, cherish and enjoy this lovely little girl for years to come! She stands a little over 4 3/4" Tall, 3" across & 2 1/2" from front to back. ~Freight (Priority Mail) & insurance included ~ within the continental U.S.

~Freight (Standard Mail) included, however Insurance is optional and can be purchased @ checkout ~ within the continental U.S.

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