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Bowl in Brown Paint and Butter Paddle Gathering


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Bowls are such great items to collect especially when they are graced with paint on the bottom. This maple bowl offers a beautiful color boasting a warm nutmeg brown but this paint may not be original. I added a special maple butter paddle equipped with a carved notched end that makes for a nice addition by appropriately finishing the look.

This late 19th century “out of round” bowl exhibits warm and delicious inside patina. There is plenty of interesting grain to get excited about not to mention the pronounced rim lip on the back. Dark areas that may have possibly occurred from berry stains sprinkled at random are part of the inside character and so is the ring located near the top as referenced in image 5. There are no chips or cracks to report as this piece is in good condition!

The butter paddle also dates to the late 19th century and possesses fantastic grain that mimics tiger maple characteristics as referenced in images 19 & 21. The color is almost a perfect match for the bowl counterpart as shown in images 2 & 3. There is one very small crack on the edge of the bowl near the handle that does cascade towards the front as noted in image 16. A series of chips are present on the very edge of the bowl as well as near the top, shown in images 14 & 15. The circular grain adds interest along with some darker areas lending unpredictable inconsistencies that we all seem to favor. When the paddle is placed on a flat surface the weight dominates the rear of the scoop where the bottom of the handle is joined. The edge of the scoop rests upward and the notched end of the handle does not completely touch the surface but rather floats about on quarter of an inch.

This bowl has ample room for inside display opportunities or can also be turned over and stacked in a dry sink ensuring the lovely paint can be seen and appreciated. The neutral spice brown color will certainly fit in with any color scheme! Enjoy!

Bowl measures 12 ¼” across front to back, measures almost 13” across (right to left) and measures 3 ¼” tall. Butter Paddle measures 9 ¼” tall (tip of handle to the scoops edge), scoop area measures 5 ½” across (right to left), measures 5” from the end of the handle to the edge and handle measures almost ¾” deep in the middle location.

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