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Bread Board Highly Carved with Bread Knife Fantastic


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We all certainly seem to love our bread boards as they never seem to fall out of favor and are ever so popular to collect! Maybe this is because they symbolize hospitality and home baked love presented in this case on a high relief carved board. The round boards are not as easy to find especially the carved versions but as luck would have it I was able to acquire this gorgeous piece (bread knife included) that I am proud to present! This fine example of a highly stylized design has attractive raised areas sporting wheat, a rosette and the inviting word "Welcome", all hand carved by an exemplary woodcarver.

This early 1900’s board which may have English origin was fashioned from maple that never disappoints boasting rich and warm patina this wood is known for. A circular recessed area seems to add separation from the carved design elements located just below and clearly dictates where the carving of the bread took place as referenced in image 10 by the chop marks. The rosette flower seems to be held captive by the opposing leaf designs that gently flows into the wheat sheath pattern. The word “Welcome” seems to deserve a respite from the other design elements and makes a lone and quiet presence, left undisturbed residing at the top of the board.

The bottom possesses a raised “foot” that terminates about an inch from the edge lending an upper recessed circular border. A dark area seems to cascade from the edge working its way toward the middle off to the left as shown in image 11. Other smaller dark areas can be found near the inner edge formed at random. This beautiful piece of treen is in “minty” condition without any cracks to report and is also smooth to the touch. There are a couple tiny rim chips present but are very hard to detect.

The stainless steel serrated bread knife that dates after the 1920’s era has the words, “Bread Knife” etched in fancy script flanked by two opposing scrolls near the handle as referenced in images 15 & 16. The ferrule is a little loose but actually has nowhere to go as the wider portion of the knife blade along with the wooden handle will keep it in place. The knife is also in great condition as shown.

This is the best bread board I have seen as the design is intricate lending four different features whereas other boards only have a couple to offer. This piece will be the center of attention wherever you decide to place it as the style, warm color and presence will certainly not go unnoticed! Enjoy!

Bread board measures 12” across and stands a little over ½” tall. Knife measures 12” long and measures almost 1” across the blade and the handle.

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