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Butter Churn Great Slender Form Original Surface


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This wonderful butter churn exhibiting a desirable slender form compared to other “sister” churns that are more commonly found will not take up much room and will render that wow factor every time you pass by! Five metal bands (all accounted for) keep the staves in place as they are “tight and right”!

When we got this piece in it was missing two staves located at the top (which is removable), so Harry fashioned replacement staves that were color matched to their existing next door neighbors as shown in images 19 & 20 marked with an arrow. If you display this churn in the front location, the replacement staves will not be visible when set against a wall.

The surface resembles a crushed walnut color with plenty of exciting dark areas sprinkled throughout. The metal band located in the middle is loose but can just be pushed in a downward position to keep it in place. This does not affect any of the staves as they are secure and do not wiggle. Character and wear seem to abound as some edges on the thick metal bands are not uniform but possess a wavy configuration as shown in images 7 & 10. The bands are joined and secured by a lapped over construction held together with large rivets as shown in image 23.

The top can be removed to either gain access to the dasher or at one point, the churned butter. This butter churn exhibits the best graduated form which offers a sleek look dedicated to this essential and utilitarian piece used on a daily basis. There is a light scratch as shown in images 9 & 14 on the back side.

The removable top has a secured concave lid that touches each of the staves and sports a center hole that accommodates the dasher handle as shown in images 18 & 21. The dasher was the work horse in it’s heyday and shows years of use especially on the bottom area that attaches to the handle.

When we got this piece in the dasher was wired together as it had been broken at some point so Harry used two brads placed underneath to secure it as shown in image 29. The pale, almost white color on the dasher is “as right as rain” due to all the churning of the butter which causes wood to turn white. There is a 5” long vertical crack on the handle as referenced in image 26. It is located near the top area, above the half way point but terminates promptly. The handle is as smooth as silk from steady woman’s hands gripping it constantly to generate the upward and downward motion for the reward of butter to be used either in cooking or at the table. Whew……I am tired just thinking about it!

I can only imagine how arduous many “huswife’s” daily tasks must have been centuries ago and when we “collect and protect” these interesting pieces of history they tell a story about how life was lived in the colonial era and beyond. All of these great antiques, now retired, grace our homes with charming character and interest! Isn’t it all so exciting to own unusual items that convey a story while assisting in decorating our homestead’s where we feel comfortable surrounded by our aspiring antique collections! Enjoy!

Churn overall height including dasher 22” Tall, (17” tall churn only), measures 4 ¼” across the top, top only measures 4 ½” tall, 5 ¼” across the bottom, second section below the removable top measures 12 ¼” tall, measures 5” across the top and measures 7” across the bottom. Dasher overall height is 20” tall, bottom with holes measures 4 ¼” across and is ½” thick.

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