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Butter Mold Antique Beautiful Floral and Leaf Design


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How many butter molds, stamps or prints can you acquire? As many as you want because the variety of designs and sizes available are just too tempting to pass up! If you favor wooden butter molds this great piece may be something to consider as the floral and leaf design presents a hint of folk art and is also very pretty!

This round, plunger mold that dates to the last quarter of the 19th century is a large size and will definitely get attention as it can be displayed all by itself. The design may have roots stemming from the Ohio or Michigan region and the warm surface confirms this mold was fashioned from maple. The hand carved floral design is very unique and considered rare.

There is one very small, tight hairline crack on the bottom edge that runs up about one inch as shown in image 8. A scattering of tiny white paint flecks scattered randomly throughout (image 7) along with a paint smudge are present on the top and side of the handle (plunger) as well as on the base area as shown in image 14 & 15. A couple areas of faint white paint that are hard to detect are located on the right hand side of the body area as referenced in image 3.

The grain and color in this piece is delicious and will certainly honor your existing collections offering a fresh look lending importance along with assertive attributes that will render great results! Enjoy!

Butter mold stands 7 ¼” tall with the handle in the upright position, measures 3 ¾” (body only without the handle), measures 4” across the top (right to left) and measures 4 ½” across the bottom (right to left).

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