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Cabbage Cutter Table Version Slide Box Dovetailed with Bowl


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This impressive cabbage cutter possessing a slide top box is of the not commonly found table version variety and makes for an exciting display! The maple bowl filled with faux cabbage and other delightful accoutrements are also included with this purchase!

This late to early 20th century piece was used to slice cabbage by way of a partially enclosed box where it would be placed and then slid across the middle blade, to and fro. A flat tray may have been positioned underneath to catch the rendered slices of cabbage that will soon find their way in a bowl to create delicious Cole slaw. The gorgeous color gleaming from the wood is not only expressive but totally awesome! Deep honey hues enriched with darker color variations lend a perfectly aged patina that only time can lend! The sides have honest wear as well as the legs and slide top box. Image 11 reflects wear on the left outermost corner and the same holds true for the back corner. There is a dark area underneath off to the left of the exposed blade as shown in image 15. There is also a tight crack on the edge of the top board where the box would rest as referenced in image 7. A portion of the blade does have minor chips as shown in image 12 but the rest of the blade is intact.

Flathead screws were used in the construction of this piece and have a lovely dark appearance lending appropriate nail bleed encompassing the surrounding wood. The legs have a detailed gentle curve, i.e. scalloped feature that adds decorative emphasis in an uncommon place. Could this piece possibly have Pennsylvania Dutch origin as it was purchased in the Berks Country area and does exhibit German flavor?

The two part slide top box sporting corner dovetailed features slides into the top of the slaw cutter as shown in image 4. A second piece (insert) can be easily removed by pulling up on the long, narrow handle to separate it from the box. When the cabbage was inserted in the opening this insert could be laid on top and pushed down while the box was slid back and forth. By doing this there would be more force in a downward motion directed at aiding the cabbage to be shredded by the iron blade feature underneath the box. Ingenious!

Nails were also inserted in the four ends of the open box to secure it from heavy use as shown in images 24, 25, 26 & 27. A small portion of the top, corner edge of the box does have a broken white streak as shown in images 20 & 35. The wooden insert has dark wear on the sides, top area and also on the bottom as shown in images 23, 28, 30, 31 & 32. A tiny chip located on the back edge of the insert is present as shown in image 23. This slaw cutter is in very good condition and the rich and interesting patina cannot be beat. There are no chips in the table version board to report.

A vintage small maple bowl holds faux cabbage that has a realistic look sporting ruffled variegated edges with a dominant magnolia white center. Five dark brown pods and one lighter colored pod line the edges of the bowl while tallow berries and a heart topped with anise grace the front. The radishes and fresh string beans are for display purposes only and do not come with this gathering but do suggest interesting decorating ideas as shown in image 18. The bowl lends a warm color attribute that maple is known for and is marked, “Woodcroftery” on the back as pictured in images 41 & 42. The “Woodcroftery” company was founded in 1935 and had talented artisans working for them that got paid by the completed piece. This company was the largest manufacture of wooden bowls in the U.S. up until “2009”.

I can envision a dinning room table with this piece laid in the center as a dramatic focal point. You also have the option to change out the bowl and fill it with autumn pleasantries such as small gourds or a pumpkin with bittersweet nestled inside. During the holidays you can incorporate greens, berries and pinecones too. Fresh evergreens poking out of the slide top box would be another interesting accent to try. You will have fun decorating this piece for every season! Enjoy!

Cabbage cutter measures 19 ¾” long (right to left), measures 6 ¾ front to back and stands 5” tall. Slide top open box measures 6 ½” across (right to left) measures 4 ½” front to back and measures 2 ¼” tall. Insert stands 3” tall, measures 6 ½” across (handle area), measures 5 ½” across middle area and measures 3 ¼” front to back. Bowl measures 6 ¼” across (right to left) measures almost 6” front to back and stands 1 ½” tall. Faux cabbage measures 4 ¼” across at the widest point and stands 1 ½” tall. Dark brown pods vary in size and measure 3 ½” tall to 3” tall including the stem and measure 2” across. Heart pod measures 2” tall by 1 ½” across (right to left). Anise is 1” by ½”. Tallow berries measure 2” across (right to left) by 1 ¼” tall.

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