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Cabin Cottage with Putz Sheep and Bottle Brush Trees Sweet


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If you adore handmade rustic cabins, houses or cottages like I do then this next offering should be very tempting indeed and is accented with all the holiday trimmings. The trio of bottle brush trees, large Putz sheep and a pair of smaller sheep will accompany the cabin. This gathering is ready to be displayed as soon as you receive it!

The cabin was fashioned from an old cigar box that predates the 1940’s era. The walls were fashioned from paper and have accents of applied tiny pieces of bark from a tree. Forest green paint was applied at random with a stippling effect set against a neutral nutmeg ground. Vestiges of crimson red paint also appear at random by enhancing the appearance in a subtle way. Harry added the two doors (one in the front and one in the back location) as well as the grid for the front window……..both glass window features are intact without any issues to report. I used a berry red color to enhance these focal points and what a difference it seems to make.

The stoop located in front of the door is an exciting feature as well as the barrel on the right hand side that may have held rain water in real life. There is also a log in the front just under the window that suggests a sitting area perhaps after a hearty supper where conversation and coffee took place. The roof has traces of the cigar manufacturing label still attached but it is hard to make out.

A chimney was actually notched in from the roof and has splendid detail! I am sure many a fire was kept alive inside during the winter months that provided warmth and rendered a delicious meal!

There are tiny nails located on the bottom base sporting appropriate nail bleed as shown. Images 7 & 8 reflect a cut out area in the roof that looks like a ”make-do” situation. It is a mystery why this was done as far as what the purpose was to access the inside. The cabin is in great overall condition with appropriate wear on the front base.

A putz sheep by the name of “Sally May” sporting a “lipstick red” mouth and pink collar does show signs of wear but she can stand on her own as her legs are sturdy. Her neck was broken at one point but the wooly material keeps it in place without any further ado. She has a couple black dots on her face as shown in image 18 and her left ear has a tiny chip present. There is also a small chip under her chin (see image 22) but is not visible when she is in a standing position. Her little collar has a stain on the left hand side as well. Sally May enjoys staying close to the cabin as the residents there always have food and water available for her.

The other pair of small sheep were cast in a mold and I can’t quite figure out what material they are made from. These sheep are not fashioned from composition or plastic material. Unlike the wooly sheep they possess a black “lipstick” mouth. My instincts tell me these sheep are German as well. One sheep is grazing while the other keeps a close eye out for any danger. They too are kept well feed and like to stay close to the cabin.

This cottage is flanked by a trio of bottle brush trees that are graduated in height. The smallest tree has been through a terrible storm and lost most of it’s needles. The two taller and stronger trees are in much better shape as they retain almost all of their needles. The largest tree is marked number 10 on the bottom which could mean it costs 10 cents back in the day and the medium tree (square base) is marked 5 cents, (both in pencil). All sport red bases and snow that has fallen overnight and do exhibit a round shape.

This is just a sweet presentation that should make you and your homestead very happy as it lends delightful holiday spirit intertwined with whimsical charm! You can always get creative and add more Putz sheep along with other trees and maybe even a picket fence in the front to invoke even more holiday magic that will be captivating and enjoyed by all! Happy Holidays!!

Cabin stands 7 ¼” tall to top of chimney, measures 6” tall (top of roof only), base measures 6 ¼” across (right to left), measures 7” front to back (depth) and is almost ¼” thick. Cabin by itself measures 5” across (right to left) and measures 4 ½” front to back. Sally May Putz sheep stands 2 ½” tall (head to feet), measures 2” from tip of nose to tail and measures ¾” across her rear (back) area. Grazing sheep stands almost 1” tall (rear area), measures 1 ½” from tip of nose to tail and measures ¼” across her rear (back). Standing sheep measures almost 1” tall (head to feet), measures 1 ½” from nose to tail and measures ¼” across her rear (back). Largest bottle brush tree stand 6 ¼” tall, measures 1’ across the top, measures 3 ½” across the widest point (bottom) and base measures 1 ¾” across. Medium tree stands 4 ½” tall, measures 1 ½” across the widest point (bottom) and the base measures 1”. Smallest tree stands 3 ½” tall, measures 1” across the widest point (tree) and the base measures ¾”.

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