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Candle Holder Tin Push Up with Wick Trimmer Autumn


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The autumn season brings darker days and cooler temperatures as we tend to spend more time inside our lovely homes. This is the time wonderful early lighting pieces can be enjoyed and are just a pleasure to own. This civil war period tin push up candle holder along with a wick trimmer / snuffer would be a perfect addition to your early lighting collection or can be a fabulous starter piece. On a word of caution……early lighting pieces can become addicting!

Candle holders such as this one that boast a large bottom drip pan can be decorated for the seasons using natural creations influenced by Mother Nature. These autumn additions are included with this offering as well as the candle. The surface on the tin is dark and has a delicious aged appearance. The push up lever works freely and can be positioned at will.

Whispers of leftover wax are slightly visible in all the right places. There are several areas around the drip pan base on the very edge that are gently out of round but the good news is there are no creases to report. If you hold the candle holder toward the light there are four very tiny (size of the end of a needle) holes present. A small piece of raised tin can be found on the inside of the bottom drip pan as shown in image 8 near the edge (far left). The condition is very good considering this piece dates from 1861 to 1865.

The combination box style wick trimmer can also be used as a candle snuffer and dates to the later part of the 18th to the early 19th century timeline. At one point this piece suffered loss on the very edge (tip) as there is no defined point but rather a blunt one. There are vestiges of light rust throughout the snuffer but there are no holes to report. The scissor action works freely and the overall condition is good.

A dried pumpkin, hand stitched heart sporting green calico, along with a pod, quince slice, acorns and broom corn are nestled inside the drip pan and are removable. These natural accents add brilliant color, texture and interest to the overall look. You can substitute these items with greens and berries for holiday decorating as well.

This lovely, early lighting candle holder dressed in autumn splendor would look great residing next to some old leather books gracing a candle stand or what about placing it on a deep window ledge where passersby can enjoy the soft glow of the candle flame. One can also daydream about the family and surroundings this candle holder holds tribute to over 159 years ago. Enjoy!

Candle holder stands 3 ¾” tall, measures 4 ½” across the top, measures 4 ¾” across the bottom and the top where the candle would reside measures 2” (candle opening is ¾”). Wick Trimmer / Snuffer measures 5” tall, measures 2 ¼” across the finger holes (right to left), stands almost 1” tall (box area) and measures ½” just below the box area.

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