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Carrier Black Paint Chalkware Chicken Gathering


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Are you ready for spring? This next offering will guarantee to bring springtime happiness in your home without delay. Everything inside the carrier is included so all you have to do is unpack, set out and enjoy!

A pine fashioned carrier boasting black paint was my inspiration to create this presentation. It dates from the 1900 to 1920’s and appears to be machine dovetailed as referenced in image 3. The black paint is a later addition.

I am calling this a “make-do” piece as the box originally had a “slide top” lid feature because of the recessed channels located on all three sides. The right side does not have this feature therefore the lid would have entered and exited at this area. The divider that includes a handle was added to act as a carrier. This division was fashioned from very thin wood about 1/8 of an inch and was not necessarily durable enough to use as a carrier. The tall tale sign shows a split in the handle that was glued back in place as shown in image 16. **Note: The new owner should lift the carrier from the bottom instead of the handle just to be safe.

A tiny nail was used to secure the handle division on both opposing sides. It is a miracle that given the minimal thickness the nail was driven straight through without any cracks or protrusion to report!

There are areas on the front that have some white paint near the joints along with lighter smudges located in the middle as shown in image 3. Wear is visible on the edges and bottom. There is minor wood loss showing a nail projection on the bottom edge as referenced in image 18. A repaired crack travels along the entire distance near the wood loss on the bottom as shown in images 19 & 20.

The carrier is still strong and the dovetails have done their job by staying intact, tight and right! Areas of staining appear on the inside bottom as referenced in images 14 & 15. Overall condition is good and the delicious warm patina on the handle and inside are great.

A vintage chalkware hen sitting on her nest found a home on top of a tin seeding starter pot where she has a “birds eye view” of the comings and goings. The hand painted features are strong. There is an area on the bottom edge that is a little rough and could have occurred when she was released from the mold. Condition is fine!

An extraordinary honey dipper having intricate turning details is also included. This piece is quite rare as I have never seen another. The bulbous top has a round end feature while the triplicate raised bands found twice on the handle remind us of how precise a skilled woodcarver can be. Other than a couple tiny chips that are located on the circular bottom used for dipping purposes this special piece of treen is in excellent condition.

A fluted tart tin that is of the smaller variety was placed on it’s side in the back location of the carrier. It fills the space nicely and adds texture and interest to the overall look. There is an open scratch that measures a little over ¼” where you can see daylight coming through only if the mold is held up to the light. Dark surface seems to rule the day without any rust to report.

Two old bottles were added to the back as they lend color and texture to the scene. One of the bottles is marked, “Chamberlains” while the other is unmarked. Sweet Annie tied with brown homespun was used as an accent to the bottle filled with mustard seed while the other bottle has a simple wool string attached to the make do cork stopper. This bottle is filled with “Turmeric” that lends a delicious mustard hue. The mustard seed bottle possesses a hand blown top and wooden stopper. Both bottles are in good condition as there are no chips to report. A series of slight cracks can be found near the bottom of the turmeric bottle while there is a rough edge on the bottom of the mustard seed bottle.

Four hand blown brown eggs along with half portions filled with prairie grass and a quail egg were added to the front. Of course, you can always change out the contents for the seasons by adding greens and berries for the holidays along with pumpkins, leaves and acorns for autumn decorating too. The carrier would look perfect in a bathroom filled with lye soap and small homespun towels as well. Enjoy!

Carrier stands 5 ¾” tall including the handle, stands 2 ¾” tall box by itself, measures almost 9 ½” across the top, measures 8 ¼” front to back and measures 9 ¼” across the bottom. Chalkware chick stands 2 ¼” front location (head to nest), measures 2 ½” top of tail to nest, measures almost 3 ¼” beak to tail, measures 1 ¼” across the back, base measures 2 ¾” across (horizontal) and measures 2” front to back. Seedling Starter Pot stands 2” tall, measures 2” across the top opening and measures 1 ½” across the bottom. Bottle with Mustard Seed stands 6 ¼” tall, measures 1 ¾” across and is 1” deep. Bottle with Tumeric stands 6” tall, measures 1 ½” across and is ½” deep. Honey Dipper measures 6 ¾” tall, measures almost ¾” across the top pf the handle and measures almost 1” across the dipper area (bottom). Tin Mold stands 1 ¾” tall, measures 5 ½” across the top and measures 3” across the bottom.

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