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Carrier in Blue Paint Schneeman Horse Americana Gathering


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This interesting 20th century carrier with triple divisions sporting robin’s egg blue paint holds our interest with the pretty display pieces held inside. All are included except one leather book as I arbitrarily misplaced it!

My inspiration for this gathering was the purchase of the carrier. Unfortunately, this piece was not in the best condition when it arrived and needed attention. The plywood handle had areas of wood loss and several “pilot holes” needed to be filled. Harry made a new handle fashioned from pine and I color matched the paint. Wha~La…. what a difference and the overall appearance looks so much better. Most of the holes were also addressed and painted to match the existing paint.

There are areas of small wood loss throughout as well as paint loss mostly on the top edges of the carrier. Please see images that offer plenty of detail regarding condition. All in all this carrier is strong, structurally sound and built to last! There are four divisions or sections, one in the front and three in the back which holds delightful areas for the chosen objects held inside. In this case a signed Norma Schneeman horse, one book, triple flags with a log stand, along with star and pinwheel quilt blocks.

I added a 19th century piece of blue homespun as a tie around the neck of the horse and also inserted a wee flag. If you are familiar with Norma’s work as a well ~ known artist her animals are unsurpassed as quality was held in high regard with each one she created. This darling horse is no exception sporting a tan coat that has been antiqued to perfection along with dark button eyes and a bushy tail. He is signed and dated “1998” underneath by Norma. His legs are splayed so you may have to position him correctly so he can stand up on his own but does promise to be obedient.

Harry provided a cut log that was painted on the top and bottom areas. The contemporary flags were inserted in holes provided to help them stand up straight in the log. This makes for a great visual display housed inside the carrier but could also be used elsewhere if you so choose.

I also incorporated two textiles that add texture and color to the scene. Both pieces are from the late 19th century and the tied quilt block sporting a star design boasts early cadet blue fabric. I felt compelled to randomly stitch the bottom fabric back in place as it was coming apart from the batting. It can be draped over the front as shown. The red pinwheel block was tied in the middle using compatible variegated yarn and can be presented standing up to add even more color to the carrier.

Lastly a “Higher Lessons in English” book dated “1889” resides inside by lending interest. If you happen to have a collection of old books they can keep this one company tucked in the front. There is appropriate wear on the cover, spine and back. The pages are all accounted for however one page is loose as shown. The pages are dislocated from the spine when the book is opened also shown but the inside first page has a cloth “make-do” repair as referenced.

This carrier is a fun piece to decorate and can be used in a variety of ways throughout your home. For example, why not place it in a bathroom filled with rolled guest towels along with old lye soap. You can also tuck your cookie cutters inside and incorporate slender apothecary jars filled with dried spices for use in the kitchen or pantry. Don’t forget about your bedroom as a collection of early animals and folded textiles will make a stunning display placed on top of a blanket chest. Extremely versatile display piece that insists on taking center stage in your wonderful homestead! Enjoy!

Carrier measures 16” across, stands 6 ½” tall to the top of the handle, measures 4 ½” tall not including the handle and measures 11” deep (front to back). Small divided sections measure 3 3/4” to 4 ½” across and are 4 ¼” deep. Horse stands 8” tall to the top of his ear, back area measures 6 ¼” tall, measures 10 ¼” from his nose to his tail and measures 2 ¼” across his back. Book measures 6 ¾” tall, measures 5” across and is ¾” thick. Overall height of flags with log stand is 10 ½” tall, flags with stick stand 9 ¾” tall, flag itself measures 6 ¼” across by 4” tall. Log holder measures 4 ¼” across, 3 ¾” deep and stands 1 ¼” tall. Star quilt block measures 8 ¾” across, measures 7 ¼” deep and is almost ½” thick. Pinwheel design quilt block measures 8” tall, measures 4 ¼ across the top edge and measures 2” tied in the middle section.

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