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Carved Spoon with Hand Painted Italy Scene


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This interesting hand carved spoon came from the North shore area of Massachusetts and dates to the mid-19th century. The hand painted detail captures an Italian scenic view of the ocean with homes and buildings located in the background. One of the boats is occupied while the other awaits a visitor.

Gold accent paint was chosen to highlight the edge border of the spoon. Symbolic stripes representing Italy’s colors of her flag grace the bottom portion of the handle. There are several tiny chips on the outer edge of the bowl along with one hairline crack located on the underside but does not show through to the painted area. This piece is lightweight having appropriate wear and will make a bold statement anywhere of your choosing! Enjoy!

Measures 17 ¼” tall, bowl measures 4 ¾” tall and 7” across. Handle measures ¼” across the top and graduates down to 2” wide.

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