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Cast Iron Footed Dish with Folk Art Bird


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I am sure we are all busy freshening things up in our homes while adding decorative touches of springtime flavor that equates to rebirth and color! This next offering is very unusual and will promise to bring springtime magic in your home without delay! Surprise……..quail eggs and a birds nest are also included!

This beautiful cast iron footed dish was found in Lancaster and lends Pennsylvania folk art charm depicting a bird nestled in branches sporting an array of leaves kissed with berries. The detail is unsurpassed as the raised design enhances all of these important elements with an intricate stylized look. Each leaf portrays detailed veins while the birds feathers also show a remarkable presentation of detail. The pronounced scalloped edges seem to act as a decorative frame and accent the leaf designed dish keeping in step with the form.

This piece is unmarked and the age is unknown but is not a newly made object. There was a resurgence for cast iron copies back in the 1970’s and this piece may have been made to fulfill the demand. There are a couple areas on the back that show light rust inside the recessed areas of the berries as shown in image 6. A couple little dots of salmon paint are present on the back near the bottom as referenced in image 7. All of the legs (3) are accounted for and this piece sits level and is very strong and heavy.

I wanted to place a birds nest inside to enhance the theme but felt it was too large and was taking away from the overall design. To remedy this situation I added legs to the nest so it could be placed on the outside near the dish. You may have to adjust the legs so it will stand up straight but once positioned I promise it will behave! Pine cones, peas and berries were tucked inside the excelsior nest that is held together by aged cheesecloth and then wrapped with brown homespun to add a decorative touch.

One egg along with two halves of a real quail egg stuffed with prairie grass lazily hang out in the front just below the bird. The eggs are not glued in and can be positioned on the dish until the look pleases you. This versatile dish can hold Easter candy as well that can be removed after the holidays. If you happen to have any birds they can certainly be placed nearby along with more rustic nests that could be presented on a table for a showy look! Don’t forget to add small birdhouses too! You certainly can have fun building a theme around this piece that will catch the interest of all that pass by! Enjoy!

Dish measures 9” tall, measures 4” across the top then graduates down in size to 6 ½” at the bottom and stands a little over 1”. Birds Nest stands 2 ½” tall, measures 3” across the top (right to left) and also measures 3” front to back.

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