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Child's Antique Arithmetic Book Old Childrens Clay Pipe and Match Holder


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If you have a penchant toward decorating in the primitive cabin or early tavern style, then this next offering is absolutely tailor ~ made for you!

I was able to find a 1877 Arithmetic book that has the most fabulous wear on the cover boasting warm colors of tan, drab sage green and chocolate browns. There is only a whisper left of the once bold title, "Ray's". The binding on the book shows traces of cloth that have been held together with clear tape done long ago. The bottom of the book has warped a little however it does sit square and level on a table.

The outside covers are just so primitive looking, and especially show well in person! I used a piece of old string wrapped around the center and added a vintage clay pipe along with a wee match holder I made.

Clay pipes have so much history behind them and were first discovered in Europe around the 1580 ~ 1600 period. It is believed that mariners, sailors, fisherman and pirates introduced the English tradesman to smoking a pipe. In the 17th Century King James tried to abolish smoking and all of the tobacco crops in England were destroyed as he condemned this practice as a "filthy evil thing". The people of England did not favor this decision and as a result the early Virginia colonies were to import this product but with tax duty applied.

This clay pipe is actually a children's pipe but was not made for smoking but rather for the children to blow bubbles. A number of these children's pipes had sweet and delicate themes of flowers, birds, baskets, rabbits and leaves used as decoration for the bowl. This pipe is marked, "Japan", though not very visible on the stem near the bowl and probably dates to the 1930's, definitely before WWII as referenced in image 12. Children's pipes were made during the 1890 ~ 1930 period.

This pipe originally had a white clay color however I decided to antique this piece so it would bring out the nice raised design of the flowers on the bowl with almost a small hobnail style just below. There are two raised bands just above and below the flowers that really enhance the overall look.

A small stem located on the bottom supports the pipe so it can sit evenly on a table however this one does not stand on it's own. This pipe is really very special and is a nice, quaint marriage if you will, paired up the Child's book.

I made a little match holder from an old wool quilt piece and tucked some old matches inside to fit in with this early cabin theme. This cloth bag is accented with chocolate brown crepe myrtle and Sweet Annie that graces the front.

Just a great extra special offering that would look perfect on a candle stand or even on an early chair that will lend a unique cabin or early tavern style decorating to your happy homestead immediately! Enjoy!

The book measures almost 6 3/4" Tall, 5 " across & 1" thick. The Child's Clay Pipe is almost 7" across, stands 2 1/4" tall including the stem measurement, & the bowl diameter is 1". The stem of the pipe actually tapers down to about 1/4 of an inch. Lastly, the wee match holder is 3" @ the tallest point & 1 3/4" across the top & 3/4" at the bottom.

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