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Childs Dresser Early Hymn Book Gourd Candle Holder


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I enjoy creating various gatherings and this next offering is sweet, unique and complete! The old child’s dresser is wonderful in itself but the little hymn book along with the other red book and make do gourd candle set on top, completes this theme and is ready to be displayed in your lovely home.

Harry had to make a few repairs to the dresser and did an amazing job. The piece of wood located at the bottom had to be glued back in place. There is also slight separation on the back panel near the edge as shown in image 8 and the top, back corner area does have a gentle upward lift. The form on this piece is simple but very effective as the top sports gentle contours on the edge and appears to have a double layer effect. The surface is light and airy and appropriate nail bleed adds plenty of gentle character.

The color consists of a rich maple hue on the top, front and sides. However the back, bottom and inside boards lend more of a dry attic, dark appearance. The wooden knobs on the drawers are delightful and so are the legs sporting a curved design.

The inside of the drawers have a darker appearance but the inside and outside edges are lighter in color as they were not stained. One of the drawers has yellow crayon marks as shown in image 18 on the bottom area only. Sweet! All of the sides of these drawers were joined together (large dovetailed effect) as no nails were used.

Two old books were paired up, stacked and tied with a piece of variegated wool and bedeck the top of the dresser lending a nice design element to this gathering. The old, red leather book entitled, “As you like it”, (comedy) is part of a collection of the Shakespeare miniature library. The leather hymn book, circa 1849 possesses a beautifully worn color with interesting light and dark areas sprinkled about. Both of these books are in good condition with consistent wear. Dried flowers were used as an accent and are tied on the front.

Of course, a candle was incorporated because of the light factor, in order for one to read by. I used a gourd as a candle-holder and connected it to an old fluted tart tin base. The beeswax candle is included as well.

This interesting gathering is adorable and would love to be a permanent fixture in your home, possibly the bedroom set on a one drawer stand with old mohair animals placed nearby. You can also use pairs of old button up baby shoes for display or what about filling a small basket with dolls or other toys. A shelf would also be another alternative for this sweet gathering to be viewed at eye level! Enjoy!

Dresser stands 5 ¼” tall, measures 8 ½” across the top drawer face (right to left) and measures 4” deep (top measurement). Small drawers measure 3 ½” across the top (drawer face), measures 3 ½” deep (front to back) and stands almost 1 ½” tall. Larger drawer measures 7 ¼” across the top drawer face (right to left), measures 3 ½” deep (front to back) and stands 1 ¼” tall. Stack of books stand 1 ¾” tall, measure 4” across (red book @ the bottom) and measures 3” across the top (right to left). Gourd candle-holder stands 4 ½” tall (including the candle), measures 2” (without candle), measures 2” across the bottom (right to left).

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