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Childs Dustpan Putz Sheep Holiday Gathering


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Why not turn an arduous choir of sweeping and collecting dirt in a dustpan by equating it to holiday fun! You see, during this time of year magical things seem to happen so all you have to do is look at this dustpan and it will be full of what your house left behind! LOL! In all honesty we can wish for the stars but what I can tell you is this darling gathering will bring a fresh and unique look into your home.

This special child’s dustpan has beautiful whispers of red paint sparingly on the front. However the back seems to be more blessed. It is in very good condition without any dents to report and possesses dark patina. I used holiday greens to grace the inside along with adding a Putz sheep that seems to be quite content with her natural surroundings. She is in very good condition and tends to be of the smaller variety. Her woolly coat has areas that are raised and the light tan color is as “right as rain” because of her age. She is proud to announce that her legs are still sturdy and do not have any play to speak of. Her lipstick mouth still has strong color and there are no chips on the ends of her ears either which is a rarity!

A bottle brush tree was incorporated into this scene and lends the feeling of a natural forest. This tree has a cast of light brown tones rather than the traditional green. It is housed in the typical but now harder to find red flower pot base. The condition is great without any sparce or missing areas in the tree to report.

I can envision this gathering laid upon a shelf in the laundry room to bring special holiday joy to this space. It can also be set up near a hearth possibly on top of a large bucket with a couple hearth brooms placed nearby. I am sure you will have fun deciding where you would like it to reside in your lovely home for the holidays! Enjoy!

Child’s Dustpan measures 7 ¾” from the end of the handle to the bottom edge of the pan, measures 5” across near the handle and graduates to a little over 6” near the bottom edge, stands 1” tall (base) and stands 1 ¾” tall at the end of the handle. Sheep stands 1 ½” tall (head area), measures 1 ¼” tall (rump area), measures almost 2” from the top of her nose to the end of her tail and measures ½” across her back. Faux greens measure 5 ½” tall by 4” across. Bottle brush tree stands 4 ¼” tall and the base measures a little over ½” across.

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