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Child's Primitive Lunch Pail Gourd Eggs Folk Art Rabbit Painting Spring Gathering


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Are you looking for something unusual this Easter that will grace a little nook in your home with primitive charm....well this next offering may be just for you!

I used a Child's antique tin lunch pail that is filled with two gourd eggs along with a real quail egg to lend a rustic springtime theme to this gathering. You will receive brown excelsior that was placed inside the pail first and also some Prairie Grass that was used on the top. I wired the lid of this lunch pail around the handle to position it on the top with just a small opening for the eggs. You can certainly just cut the wire off if you wish.

This pail is in good condition lacking any dents on the body or the lid. The bottom edge does have some creases as referenced in images 11 & 12. There are no rusted out areas and the dark almost pewter color is consistent throughout. The inside of the tin is a little shiny as "is proper" because this area was not exposed to the elements thanks to the tight fitting lid. The wire handle is attached to the pail with two tin tabs on each side that were riveted in place. Please see images 5 & 6.

There are also three raised ribs that can found just under the tin tabs and complete the circumference of the pail. I added some homespun roving wool in chocolate brown and wrapped this around the pail three times to add a little decorative touch.

I was able to find a wonderful folk art painting of two rabbits at play in a garden that lacked any color. I incorporated a light watercolor effect and made the ferns come alive using several green hues, added a wash of mustard to the rabbits and brush stroked an earthy brown color for the ground. This image was then backed with old burlap and hand ~ stitched up using old black thread.

A dried parsnip that closely resembles a carrot was added to the upper left corner and secured by roving wool so the rabbits will never go hungry. This piece can either be hung as there is a small hanger at the top, see image 19 or can be laid on a table as shown in image 1 with the pail close by. If you decide to hang this piece a small nail will suffice but you may have to move the hanger way over to the left to balance out the weight of the carrot!

This sweet gathering is small enough to fit anywhere in your home and would also look nice in a cupboard too with either old Paper Mache rabbit "cousins" nearby or even a collection of chocolate molds that can be displayed throughout the springtime months! Enjoy!

The Lunch Pail stands 7" Tall including the wire handle, 4 1/2" Tall without the wire handle measurement, 4 1/4" across the top & 4" across the bottom. The Folk Art Rabbit Painting measures 7 1/4" Tall including the hanger, 7" without the hanger measurement & 6 1/2" across the middle. The bottom of the carrot sticks out about 1 1/2" on the left hand side. Gourd Eggs measure approximately 2" Tall by 1 1/4" across and the real Quail Egg is 1 1/4" Tall by 1/2" across the middle.

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