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Child's Stepback Cupboard


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This Child’s stepback cupboard has a great overall appearance dressed in appropriate miniature treenware that is listed separately and available for purchase.

After giving this piece a once over it appears this stepback has exciting early features factoring in the small cut nails lending a square shank (see image 33 exposing the shank on the underside), patina as well as whispers of green paint as shown in image 30. My instincts tell me the wooden closures along with the two doors, knobs and brass hinges are quite possibly a later addition. If this is the case this stepback originally would have had open shelves, less the doors.

The personality of this cupboard lending amazing character and style including boot jack leg cut out features was probably accomplished by a loving father that handmade this piece for his little girl back in the day. I am sure she witnessed hours of fun decorating this cupboard with her loyal teddy bear and dolls nearby as they enjoyed a festive tea party!

Most of the nails do have appropriate nail bleed. However some of the nail heads on the side locations appear to be covered over as this area is slightly lighter in color as referenced in images 27 through 29. There is a small tight crack located on the front top edge just above the door, on the right hand side near the top edge and also about half way down on the very left. A small piece of wood is missing on the front of the second door near the bottom (left hand side) as shown referencing the arrow in image 4.

Minor wood loss has affected the bottom of the left hand side foot area near the front as shown in image 29. There are also a couple drips from the stain applied at some point also referenced on the left near the middle area as shown in image 28. The boards on the back are no longer tight due to age related shrinkage and have experienced a ¼” gap that runs in a vertical position. This piece is in overall good condition and certainly makes for a great display!

Small wooden pill boxes can grace the top shelf along with other oval pantries in your collections that would present a fantastic kitchen display as shown. This piece would also look terrific in a bedroom with folded textiles placed on the shelves along with miniature cloth animals too. Homespun’ s, lye soap and tiny antique bottles would be great accents for a bathroom display as well. You can get very creative with this piece that will be enjoyed in any room of your choosing!

Cupboard stands 15 ¾” tall, measures 11 ¼” across the top edge, measures 10 ½” across the second ledge.

 Inside upper shelf measures 8 ¾” across, visible area is 2” tall and measures 4 ½” deep (front to back). Second shelf is 3” tall.... all other measurements are the same. Bottom single shelf stands 4” high, measures 9 ¼” across and is 6” deep (front to back).

 Top portion of the cupboard measures 5 ½” deep compared to the bottom which measures 7” deep. Stepback area with door closed measures 1 1/2” deep and measures a little over 10 ½” across (right to left).

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