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Childs Victorian Shoes and Harvest Bells Book Gathering


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This wonderful pair of Victorian Button Up Child's Shoes sports a deep, rusty red color that blends in especially well with the front and back cover of this 19th century religious song book. These child's shoes have all the earmarks of wear as the toe areas are worn to perfection with whispers of homespun peeking out that also matches the fabric stuffed inside the top of each shoe. I added this fabric to lend interest and color.

The soles are in good condition and all the black buttons are accounted for. The leather has an alligator appearance and possess periodic creases near the heel, instep area and sides. Some of the leather is missing (see images 3 & 6) as small pieces due to age have flaked off.

The form of the shoe is exceedingly cute because the top edge has a slight curve on both sides as referenced in images 5 & 6. Overall condition is still good and this wee pair of footwear still displays nicely.

I chose an old "Harvest Bells" song book to compliment these shoes as the colors work very well together. Even though the cover has consistent wear and the spine has an area where the fabric is coming loose (see image 17) the book still has appeal. A half of a page is missing as referenced in image 15. However the other pages are intact and accounted for. Even though this book is not dated I am confident it dates from the later part of the 19th century, possibly around 1880. Some of the pages have darkened though time as noted in image 16. The book is signed on the first page by the owner, "Sanders" who resided in Texas, using a Fountain Pen. However the ink has faded through the passing of time.

The colors in this gathering seem to ignite a primitive color palette that sparks autumn decorating with colorful maple leaves sprinkled about. This sweet ensemble can be placed in a child's room possibly in front of the bed atop a blanket chest or can be used anywhere of your choosing to add whimsical luster to any room. Enjoy!

Child's shoes measure 4 1/2" from toe to heel, are 3 1/4" tall (including the top edge in the back) and 1 1/2" @ the widest point (across the width of the foot). Old song book measures 7 1/2" (vertical, top to bottom), measures 5 1/4" across (right to left) and is 1/2" thick.

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