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Childs Wash Day Vintage Holiday Gathering Neat


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With all of the holiday excitement and decorating that needs to be done in the main rooms of our homes we seem to forget about the other areas like our Laundry Room! Maybe this is because we are not sure of how to bring a little cheer into this space or time just won’t allow it. This problem can easily be solved because this next gathering will not only add a touch of holiday spirit and joy into this room but is convenient too as all you have to do is set it out……… possibly placed on a shelf or even a child’s washboard.

There are six pieces that come with this vintage “Child’s Wash Day” gathering (as pictured) that include the wash stand, wash tub, washboard with a doll sock, doll sock stretcher and a sprig of holiday greens.

The wooden wash stand exhibits pegged construction (see image 3) at the top. However the side runners are nailed into place and do sport appropriate nail bleed as shown in images 4, 6 & 8. This piece does fold up as shown in image 8 and is in very good condition with minimal wear on the edges. Soft and mellow hues of nutmeg combined with warm honey tones lend pleasing color to this stand.

The darling galvanized washtub has great form sporting a double raised band in the middle that wraps around the diameter. The surface on the tin is exceedingly pleasing and “right as rain”. There were never any handles present when this piece was created. It is in very good condition without any dents or holes to report. I filled it with excelsior to gain height for the washboard, sock stretcher and spray of faux greens.

An adorable washboard sports a tin scrubbing insert that has darkened from age as it was used by a child who possessed early domestic abilities. Side Note: I remember ironing handkerchief’s at a young age under my mother’s direction and supervision! Why, I will never know because she always had a lady come in and do the ironing for her! LOL!

This washboard also has a tin insert located at the top which is lighter in color than the bottom piece. There is appropriate nail bleed located on the wooden sides that gives us a clue as to how this piece washboard was constructed. The back does have more wear with very light surface rust on the middle and top insert. This piece is in overall great condition without any chips or cracks to report.

A finely knit crocheted (ecru in color), doll sock was hung (not by the chimney) but in this case by way of a clothespin near the top of the board from wrapped candy cane yarn. It was stuffed with tissue paper and tied with the same yarn enhanced with dried greens.

A sock stretcher sporting warm patina was strategically wrapped using red thread to lend holiday cheer to the overall look. It is in very good condition without any cracks or chips to report.

This unusual gathering can also be displayed in the privy (bathroom) as well. There is room inside the bucket to possibly tuck hand towels or washcloths by setting the sock stretcher in an upright position and moving the greens which now can be laid near this piece. Another great opportunity is to incorporate this gathering in a child’s room possibly placed under the tree with teddy bears and the like. You will have fun decorating with this unique gathering that brings good cheer and tidings from our house to yours! Enjoy!

Wash Stand measures 7” across the top to end of legs, 8 ½” across the bottom and measures 4” across the top resting area only. Washboard stands 8 “ tall, measures 4 ¼” across the top (right to left) and is almost ¾” deep (front to back). Child sock stands 4” tall, measures 1 ½” across the top and bottom areas. Wash Tub stands 3” tall, measures 7” across the top and measures 5 ½” across the bottom. Faux Greens measure 7” tall and 5” across @ the widest point. Sock Stretcher stands 8 ½” tall, measures 1 ¼” across the top and measures 3” across the bottom (to tip of toe).

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