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Clock shelf Candleholder Unique


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Sometimes, when we purchase antiques they need a little help as the original purpose is no longer present but using a little ingenuity to breath new life by transforming their function goes a long way and will gain positive results! This next offering is a perfect example of this implemented idea as the clock shelf lost its better half (the clock) but now has an electrified candle-holder lending an array of soft light, nestled inside to keep it company!

Three pieces of wool grace the top shelf area tucked inside while a viscoloid ram sporting an expressive face adds whimsy. He is very happy in his new surroundings as there is plenty of dried prairie flowers nearby that can be munched on when he gets hungry. The clock shelf exhibits a dark nutmeg hue and the surface does show areas of wear especially on the edges of the trim and on the top decorative cut edges.

Image 14 shows separation from the top back edge where the back does not fully meet the right hand side compared to the left side as referenced in image 15. There is also a small crack shown in image 14 located on the top shelf. Three very tiny holes are located on the front of the decorative wall mounted piece of wood. This same piece of wood has a series of opposing edge scrolls terminating into a small step followed by a gentle indented curve ending at the top shelf that exhibits nice detail.

Tiny specs of white paint are randomly scattered on the right hand side of the inside location but the other sides are not affected. When looking at the back of this piece there is a clue that the clock shelf was fashioned from an advertising crate hence the writing. The last letters visible are “ANA” which may indicate this advertising box could have been related to Cuban cigars hence the word “Havana or “Cubana”, both ending in “ANA”.

Four small holes are located on the right hand side of the inner piece of wood that also tells us there used to be a door covering the front opening. An existing hole located in the back now accepts a cord for the charming light housed inside. There is a crack running in a vertical position upward about 2 ½” tall from the hole location. A piece of wood got detached from the back just below the hole opening and was repaired using glue as shown in image 12.

The upper portion of the shelf opening acts as a small display area and in this case vintage winter woolens were added that lend color and texture. Overall this piece is in good condition without any major issues to report.

A viscoloid ram takes up residence on the left hand side and has wonderful features. It was the year of 1914 when the Viscoloid Company of Leominster, MA. decided to produce pyroxylin (also known as celluloid) toys and started production in 1923. This company soon became the leading celluloid toy manufacture in America and continued business until 1977. Although celluloid was a generic name for pyroxylin plastic, Viscoloid was a proprietary and essential material because of the exclusive manufacturing process incurred. This company produced their toys using a special “blow-molded” process. To achieve this, steam was blown between two thin sheets of Viscoloid placed side by side into a mold. The heat softened the material forcing it to acquire the molds shape. Ingenious, don’t you think?

This happy little ram is the result of the efforts by the company described above and his detailed features and personality are wonderful! This full bodied ram has plenty of exciting textured attributes along with realistic facial features including horns. The charming light comes with the silicone bulb and the cord accommodates a dial “on and off” switch that is convenient so you don’t have to unplug it from the receptacle.

You have a couple of decorating choices here as this piece can set nicely on a table or can also be hung on the wall because of the saw-tooth hanger feature. Small items can be displayed on the top shelf that will create even more excitement to the overall look. During the evening hours, when lit, this piece can act as a night light and will add warmth to any area of your choosing. Don’t forget about seasonal decorating too as the drieds can be changed out to reflect that particular holiday and so can the woolens. This is a versatile piece that will bring instant charm to your homestead without delay! Enjoy!

Clock shelf stands 12 ½” tall including the back wall mount piece, measures 9” tall from top shelf to bottom, measures 6 ½” across the front (right to left), top shelf area measures 1 ¼” tall where the woolens currently reside, bottom shelf measures 6” tall where the light is located and the depth (front to back) is 4” tall. Drieds measure 6 ½” tall by 4” @ the widest point (bottom). Ram stands 1 ½” tall (head to front feet), measures 1” tall from his back to hind legs, measures 2” from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail and measures almost ½” across his back (depth).

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