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Coastal Harbor Painting


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How would you like to take a stroll with me to a quaint seaside harbor town in Rockport Massachusetts that has become home to a colony of artists, settlement of fisherman and of course the well appointed “red fishing shack” originally built in 1840 that has captured artists attention for over a century. This shack may have been the inspiration for this artist that painted this enchanting scene on a wooden roof shingle even though the original is two stories as shown in the last image.

The painting is signed, “M. Cashman” in the lower left hand corner but is not dated. My instincts lead me to believe this piece of art was created in the later part of the 20th century. The artist captured this coastal scene with skilled brush stokes and even though this painting is small it speaks loudly on charm and character.

Wind swept Seagulls are in flight over the seaside village that seems to be immersed in rolling fog this early morn. A small boat anchored near the shack awaits a fisherman who has expectations for a “catch of the day” that will be presented on the dinner table. A couple sail boats grace the coastline as the wind gently keeps them adrift while the whisper of an adjacent building off to the right offers solace from the dampness and cold. This restful scene depicts New England maritime life captured in a moment of time and beckons us in for a closer look. Since the painting was done on a roof shingle there is not only a slight curve in the wood but there is also a thickness graduation as shown in images 9 & 10.

There are a couple areas near the top and one on the bottom of the painting that have experienced a small dent as shown in images 7, 8 & 4 along with minimal (tiny) paint loss in about four areas as well as the corners. Overall condition is very good!

This painting depicting a tranquil scene will make you feel good every time you pass by! Perfect to tuck inside a cupboard or would look wonderful placed on a shelf with an array of sea shells sprinkled nearby. Hopefully this piece if acquired by you will be you’re “Catch of the Day”!! Enjoy!

Painting measures 7 ½” tall, measures 7” across (right to left) and is ½” thick (top location) and graduated down to 1/8” toward the bottom.

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