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Childs Red Velvet Boots and Christmas Santa Book Gathering


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If this next offering does not spell Christmas enchantment sprinkled with childhood whimsy…I don't know what will! These Victorian inspired boots, (age unknown but most likely contemporary) are in excellent condition and apparently have never been worn as the soles are perfect! The patent leather detail on the foot area makes for a splendid contrast to the crimson velvet fabric chosen for the upper portion of the boot. The black shoe laces are placed through black metal grommets that are lined up perfectly in a vertical position and add intricate detail to the velvet.

I used civil war era inspired fabric to tuck in the opening and the colors are extremely complimentary. One lone candy cane lazily hangs off the side of the left boot.

The contemporary paperback "Santa Claus and His Works" book is also in good condition and consists of 12 pages. This book was reproduced at one point and even has the wear showing on the front and back cover that was duplicated from the old version. The color and graphics are strong and very detailed! There are tiny stitches that hold the paper together (as shown in image 15) and are visible on the binding as well.

Both of these items, paired up look really wonderful together and are just a delight to display because they are so cheerful and reminiscent of our childhood! Enjoy!

The boots stand 7 1/2" tall @ the widest point in the back (overall height is about 8 1/2" which includes the top of the inserted fabric), they measure 2 1/2" across the width of the shoe (right to left) and are almost 6" from heel to toe measurement. The book measures 10 1/2" vertically (top to bottom) and 9 1/4" across (right to left).

~Freight (Standard Mail) included, however Insurance is optional and can be purchased for an additional $2.20 @ checkout ~ within the continental U.S.

~Freight (Standard Mail) included, however Insurance is optional and can be purchased @ checkout ~ within the continental U.S.

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