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Cubby Box Windsor Green Paint with Drawer


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This pigeon hole box sporting a three over three configuration also features one drawer located at the bottom. The Windsor green paint adds even more character to this nifty display piece.  *Note:  Items housed inside were used to lend ideas of what this piece would look like decorated and are not for sale.

This turn of the century to 1920’s box was constructed using round nails whereas the shelves sport a “notched” feature. The drawer was fashioned in the same manner by way of mortise (notched) construction shown on all of the four corners (one example referenced in image 23). This piece conveys a dark appearance but perks up in the light dictating a warm grassy green tone as shown in image 33.

The right side appears to have experienced thin cut “slices” that seem to resemble a two tinned fork end as shown in image 26. This incident will remain a mystery! Appropriate wear can be found in all the right places such as the bottom areas of the right, left and back sides as well as the front edges near the openings as referenced in images 3 & 26. A portion on the backside near the top apparently came in contact with something that scraped against it leaving exposed wood that lacks paint. Other scuff marks appear on the bottom location over to the left hand side.

The front of the box next to the left side of the drawer appears to have a separate piece of wood “cut in” to possibly shore up the gap inside the box to help align the drawer. It seems to be cut on a slant as this piece of wood tapers inward as shown in image 5. Minor wood loss can be seen on the bottom of the box near the edges as referenced in image 36. Normal surface wear can be detected throughout this piece.  It is heavy, strong and durable!

The drawer does show several scratches on the inside edge as referenced in image 8. Some wood loss about 2” is shown in image 15 relating to the back bottom edge of the drawer as well as on the left hand side near the drawer face (image 17). There are also areas of discoloration relating to the inside bottom area (darker in color), back panel and front panel as shown in images 18, 19, 20 & 21. The bottom of the drawer reflects an area of dry lilac that dominates a portion of the top (image 22) but the good news is this spot cannot be detected when the drawer is closed.

Overall the condition is still good and this piece would be perfect to show off small collections whether they be cloth or mohair animals, treenware, miniature leather books…… and don’t forget about the holidays as your Putz sheep and other animals can be tucked in the cubbies along with bottle brush trees and greens! You will certainly have fun decorating this interesting piece that will be a showcase for your treasures! Enjoy!

Box Stands 12” Tall, measures 13 ½” across the front and back and measures 9” front to back. Each Cubby area measures 3” tall, measures 4” across and is 8 ¾” deep (front to back). Bottom opening measures 12 ½” across, measures 1 ½” tall and measures 8 ¾” deep (front to back).

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