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Dog Velvet Pin Cushion Old Neat


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This darling pin cushion that features a cute little doggy may have roots stemming from Japan either before or after WWII and he is as frisky as they come! His eyes are actually pins and he is sitting on top of a red pillow just as happy as can be! The black velvet simulating fur is a bit fragile as there are several holes sprinkled about that release a very fine sawdust type contents housed inside. However I added some pins with black heads to remedy this problem. He sports a tiny bell located just under his chin that tinkles when moved.

A small stain is present in the front on the left hand side of the pillow. At one point he had festive paper flowers attached to his back but most of these have been worn away with time. The bottom of the pillow has an area that looks like a rectangle which probably had a label validating his Japan origin but is now missing.

This unique pin cushion would be a great compliment to your existing collection housed in an early sewing basket and promises to keep you company and provide loyal companionship for hours on end! Enjoy!

Pin Cushion overall height is 3 ½” tall, measures 4” across (right to left) and is 3” deep.

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