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Doll Dress Early Blue Calico Sweet


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Classic blue calico fabric was chosen to fashion this sweet doll dress back in the late 1800’s that I am sure delighted a little girl. This dress also comes with a unique necklace and the hand fashioned wire hanger as well.

When I saw this dress I was immediately drawn toward it because of the luscious “cadet blue”, calico fabric boasting tiny cream colored leaves along with a triangle of dots. The strong color in this textile is a plus as I cannot detect any fading in this piece. There are some areas on the fabric that have large holes as indicated in the images. The front of the dress is in good condition with only a couple small tears located near the neckline on the right hand side.

The right front sleeve has a couple of small holes. However the back of this sleeve is just fine. Several larger holes are located on the left sleeve where the bottom seam is but may not be noticeable depending on how this sleeve is positioned on the hanger… (see images 6 & 7). The top portion of the left sleeve where it meets the shoulder area is smaller compared to the right sleeve.

A 1” hole can be found on the seam near the left hand side of the dress as shown in image 16. Six other small holes can be found on the back of the dress and are sprinkled randomly throughout. This dress was sewn using a machine and is not hand stitched. See images 9 and 10 as reference. The neckline was left with a raw edge and some of the fabric near the opening on the right is frayed. There are no odors present.

Harry fashioned a custom hanger for this piece using wire and always does a great job! I fashioned a simple necklace using old boucle brown wool for the heart using accents done in old turkey red thread. Two small wooden flowers attached to a soft mustard and beige wool yarn bedeck the neckline of this dress adding interest and color.

This sweet dress should satisfy your craving for early blue textiles and would be a great addition to any child’s clothing collection! Enjoy!

The dress measures 17 ½” Tall (including the hanger measurement…dress itself measures 14”), bottom of the dress measures 9 ½” across (right to left), measures 5 ½” where it is gathered in the middle, from end of sleeve to end of sleeve measures 15” across (right to left), neck opening is 3 ¼”. Necklace in the tied position measures 5” tall and the heart is 1 ½” tall by 1 ¼” across (right to left). Hanger is 4” tall by 5 ½” across (right to left).

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