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Dough Bowl Trencher Early Rag Balls Gathering


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Presenting two wonderful items that can either be displayed separately or you can leave this gathering just as it is. I wanted to offer another decorating idea of what to place inside old trenchers such as this one by using rag balls instead of mainstays such as cookie cutters, butter molds, wooden spoons or iron choppers. This idea of using the rag balls for filler also gives us the ability to transition this trencher in a bedroom, bathroom or even a laundry room too. As a little surprise the spray of prairie flowers is also included!

This hand carved bowl sports a nice rich and dreamy patina that resembles a crushed walnut shell hue. It is not too large and therefore will be a nice fit for limited space areas in your home. There is an age related crack on the right hand side that starts on the edge and works its way up, (not quite) to the middle area of the bowl. See images 4 & 9. A tight crack is also present on the opposite side located on the bottom as referenced in image 10.

A paint mishap occurred on the back side of the bowl but is limited to this area only as shown in images 6, 11 & 12. Dark striations are present on the underside sprinkled randomly throughout which just adds timeworn character to the overall look. The inside of the bowl near the bottom reflects a lighter area reserved to mimic an almost concentric pattern. There are no chips present and this bowl is still solid and sturdy.

The rag balls comprised of early homespun and shirting fabrics are solid and sport pretty colors of nutmeg brown, soft blue, oyster white sprinkled with whispers of black, lemon gold and crimson. These rolled textiles soften the look of the trencher by adding texture and intrigue. I added a spray of prairie flowers and incorporated contemporary calicos wrapped around flower stem cast offs for an unusual look and to bring more color to the scene.

This gathering can be used in so many ways, as mentioned above and don’t forget about the holidays! Fresh greens, mercury glass ornaments, cinnamon sticks, red mittens and a few putz sheep placed inside with sparkling lights would make a fantastic display piece in any room of your choosing! Pumpkins, maple leaves, acorns, cozy mittens and gourds would also be terrific for autumn decorating as well! As always, have fun and enjoy!

Trencher measures almost 15” across (right to left), measures 8 ¼” deep (front to back) and stands 3 ¼” on the right hand side and 3” on the left hand side. Rag balls vary just slightly in size about 2 ¾” across by 2 ¼” tall.

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