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Dutch Marking Sampler Dated 1914 Red White Blue Charming


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What a beautiful marking sampler boasting strong colors of red, white and blue with plenty of detail to get lost in! This piece is signed by J. Winters, dated “Jul” 1914 and has Dutch providence. The little girl who executed fine stitches also got creative with the design element by incorporating soft scrolls, leaves, flowers and geometric patterns including an offshoot of a Greek key interpretation. This textile was mounted in a grain painted frame under glass to protect it.

**Side Note: It always seems to amaze me when I am able to purchase wonderful samplers such as this one not only because of the beauty they hold but also because of the intricate stitches executed by a young girls hand. Each practice sampler portrays an inherent quality by reflecting the school girls personality as she elaborates on the required alphabet along with numbers in her work. The basic cross stitched theme additions seems to evolve and form something of interest to her such as animals, flowers, birds, geometric designs or even a house or two. It was as if each sampler had a personality all their own as every child had the opportunity to get creative by breathing life into her work with each stitch executed on linen into an otherwise redundant requirement. I wish I could have met each little girl so I could let them know how much I appreciate their creative side along with honoring the patience it took to complete each piece!

This textile is in good overall condition with some areas of stitching loss as shown in the middle of image 4. There is also a tiny area of linen loss referencing the second row near the bottom right hand side (second design element) as shown in image 10 . Image 7 reflects a pulled red thread referenced by the blue arrow. This sampler is free of stains, rips and tears. The colors are strong, vibrant and happy!

This textile is held under glass to protect it from the elements and the grain painted frame was done by a well-known folk artist who was commissioned to create this custom frame. She did a beautiful job and the colors she used really compliment the sampler very well.

Floral paper sporting a soft cornflower blue ground was used to cover the back of this piece. There is a small area as shown in image 20 where the paper was not pulled taught enough and therefore left a small gap. A slight amount of sticky residue limited to a few areas was left over where the paper did not entirely meet the edge of the frame. This sampler can be hung on the wall by way of a wire hanger secured by opposing metal loops that are reinforced using two screws, per side.

One can never have enough samplers as each one is unique in form, color and size and do make quite a presentation wherever they are placed. In remembrance of a child who did her very best at creating this beautiful textile this piece is not only honoring her but honoring our home lending talent, charm and creativity! Enjoy!

Sampler stands 17” tall, measures a little over 15 ¼” across (right to left) and is ¾” thick.

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