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Dutch Marking Sampler Turkey Red Thread dated 1891


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The holidays are coming and what a fabulous textile that will incorporate nicely with your coveted Christmas collections because of the red color worked into this lovely piece! This wonderful marking sampler does look pretty unframed which is a nice alternative because it can be displayed on a small table or candle-stand. The condition is very good without any holes to report and the fancy turkey red stitching is vibrant and strong.

There are a couple tiny stains located near the middle area as shown in image 9 referenced by the black arrows. The Greek key pattern seems to dominate the top of this intricately worked piece while a geometric and floral design add detail underneath the first row of letters. Leaf accents comprised of three leaves surrounded by a rotating open box pattern can be appreciated just below the above referenced design. Two opposing hearts with a crest enhance the middle portion of the bottom area. The maker decided to incorporate initials of three family members all ending in the letter “H” in the bottom right hand corner while the date of “1891” was executed in the opposing left hand corner.

What is interesting about this sampler is the “blanket finishing stitch” used on the three borders that is not commonly found. The other intriguing feature is the capital letter “J” which was omitted from the alphabet entirely while the capital letter “U” looks like an “N”. The “V” and “W” are a bit of a mystery as well. The two letters that follow the “Z” are also a bit puzzling. The lower case alphabet does not seem to exist. A bit intriguing for sure but this is such a sweet sampler that has a naïve and yet sophisticated look done by a child that did her best.

Samplers such as this one are so endearing and highly prized! The small size makes for a special piece that can be placed anywhere you would like to add a cheerful hand stitched artful textile.

The sampler measures 9 ¼” tall by almost 9” across (right to left).

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