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Early 1900's Mortar and Pestle Nice Form For Your Pantry


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Mortar and Pestles are such a fun item to collect as they vary so much in form, style and size. A very hot commodity in the antique world today especially with folks like us that love the primitive style of decorating. This turn of the century mortar and pestle would be a nice addition to your collection as it is not too large and the simplistic form is great!

This piece boasts an awesome rich honey color that would compliment other dark mortars you may already have in your collection adding contrast and charm. There is a bit of a shiny appearance on the outside wall however the top portion of the foot does have some dry attic surface wear that is desirable. There are three scribe marks, (incised lines),two located at the top and one on the foot, that have darkened with age related patina over time. There is more dry attic finish on the top edge of the mortar as well.

An age related character crack is also present as shown in images 5 & 9 that follows upward to the foot and stops just below the curvature of the mortar. A dark area can also be seen in image 5 just under the curved area above the foot. This referenced area is a wee bit sticky to the touch but is not visible when the mortar is standing upright. One more tight crack can be found on the outside wall of the mortar above the foot where the curve starts. The bottom reveals a very dry attic finish from being pushed across the surface it was placed on. This piece is not extremely heavy either.

Images 6 & 7 show the wonderful turnings inside with plenty of ridges and sports a beautiful color resembling a bittersweet hue.

The pestle could not be any more primitive in nature if it tried and has a very early look. This pestle may be a marriage, I am just not certain but the way it carries itself in the counterpart mortar looks, "as right as rain". As you can see in images 9 & 10, there is a great deal of wear in the middle of this pestle and the surface is rough. The color is also lighter than the rest of this piece and character definitely seems to rule the day! The handle is smooth as silk from gripping and working herbs or spices in the mortar. Neat!!

This dazzling duo would look fabulous on top of a shelf incorporated in a collection or can also grace a breadboard with ease and style. Just a great primitive staple that is not only fun to decorate with but can also become addicting to covet! Enjoy!

Overall height is almost 9" tall including the pestle, (5 3/4" Tall for the mortar only), & measures 3" across the top and bottom. The pestle is 7" tall by 1" across @ the widest point midway to the top & measures 1" across the flat bottom area used for crushing.

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