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Early Antique Bread Dough Board Square Nail Construction Hand Carved Rolling Pin


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What a fantastic breadboard boasting strong nutmeg brown tones with nice graining in the wood as well! This19th Century piece was found in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania and is a special "find". The wear is just perfect! It was constructed using square nails that have left a dark imprint on the wood it surrounds! Neat!

It get's even better as this hand ~ carved ultra primitive rolling pin also comes with the board. They look just awesome together as the color on the pin is very close to the color on the board. A match made in heaven, indeed!

This breadboard is a wonderful size and has very few condition issues to report. There are some cracks on the front near the separate board end and the underside has some splits that go almost half way across the piece. Nothing that would actually detract from the overall look and just justifies the age of the board. This piece has had some mineral oil added to enhance the grain and color however the pin was untouched and has more of a dry finish. The board does not have an oily feel from this light application as it was absorbed into the wood.

Square nails are present on the board ends, six on one side and five on the other. See images 7, 8, 9 & 10. There are some deep scratches present here and there but have now darkened over time to add character. The corners of this board are rounded and wonderful as can be seen in images 4,5, & 6. A hole has been conveniently placed at one board end so this can be hung up.

The early rolling pin that is offered with this board, reminds me of the pin that you would most commonly see associated with a mangle board. Fat and hand carved out of one piece of wood, this pin is absolutely primitive in form and color! There are some age cracks present with minor indications of some wood loss as show in image 16 and 17. Two small brass hooks were added at a later date on each end of the pin and portray a small amount of green patina. See image 18 & 19. What I find fabulous about this piece is the color variations to the wood in this pin lending a interesting and unique look! The pin is heavy and can also be used as an "attitude adjustment" tool for bad behavior to keep peace in ones home! :) LOL!

Overall condition regarding both pieces is very good! Bread ~ Dough Boards have become so popular with our primitive decorating and you just can't seem to have enough of them in your home! Enjoy!

Board measures 17 1/2" across, 15" Deep and 1/2" Thick. Rolling Pin is 14 1/2" Long and 1 1/2" thick on the ends.

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