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Early Black Stockings Socks with Make ~Do Repairs Great for the Holidays


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I was able to acquire these cozy socks that have interesting, naive "make~do" repairs, ribbed cuffs and sport a two toned appearance of black and oyster white. These will transition easily into the holidays as the autumn accoutrements can be replaced with vibrant greens and berries instead.

I hand washed these by soaking them in "Woolite" overnight and they came out very well. There are areas located on the foot of the stocking that are darker from wear (see image 4), with some slight fading just above the heel as shown in images 5 & 6. Several make ~ do repairs are present, one just above the left side of the heel as referenced in image 4 (a closer view in image 5), on the right side of the heel (see image 7), and three small repairs near the left side of the toe area (as shown in image 8).

These stockings are in overall good condition as the majority of color is strong and they lack any unpleasant odors as well.

I don't know about you but I just adore the color black as it reminds me of mystery and intrigue. This special, neutral hue seems to make everything placed next to it come alive with vibrant color! Interesting stockings such as these also help create a restful break either laid or hung amongst other textiles whether it be homespun's or coverlets. I can just imagine these little gems laid across an early bed coverlet with an ensample of pillows stacked up against a headboard lending a whisper of Christmas magic in the bedchamber! Don't forget to douse the candle before going to bed! Enjoy!

The stockings stand 17 1/2" tall, measure 4 1/2" (left to right) near the heel and measure 3 1/2" across the ribbed top area.

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