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Early Calico Cloth Covered Book Circa 1893 with Candleholder


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What an unusual book that has the best early calico cover sporting strong and vibrant colors of a dark, rich chocolate ground with bittersweet highlights. This offering also comes with a contemporary book light which is an appropriate accessory for this gathering.

The book entitled, “How to Keep Well” has a date of “1893” and is in very good condition. There are a couple pages in the back (bottom area) that have paper loss but all other pages are accounted for and in great shape. The fabric on the cover has dots that form triangles with circles sprinkled randomly throughout all done in a pretty bittersweet hue. The inside cover reveals the hand stitching in a triangle pattern that is period correct. There is minor wear on the edges. However there are no rips or holes to report.

I added a nice rendition of a book candleholder that can be placed inside the pages at the top. This offering does come with a candle as pictured that has been wrapped with aged cheesecloth near the bottom. I stitched up a wee heart using calico fabric that was gently antiqued. This heart sports a similar bittersweet hue that is in the fabric on the book. An array of Prairie flowers were tucked into an old piece of wool that was tied at the end of the book light.

You can always find room in your home to accommodate a special book whether it be on a small table, tucked in a cupboard or even placed atop a blanket chest! This gathering will provide instant charm to your homestead by adding an authentic early look! Enjoy!

Book measures 7” tall (front to back), measures 5” across (right to left) and is ¾” thick. Book light stands 4 ½” tall (including the candle), book light itself stands ¾” in the front and tapers to ¼” in the back, measures 3 ½” (front to back) and measures 2” across the front, 1 ½” across the back. Calico heart stands 2” tall and measures 1 ¾” across the widest point where the raised hearts are and tapers down to ¼” at the point.

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