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Early Candleholder Pegged Construction


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When is the last time you saw a candleholder such as this? I was so excited when I found this little gem because I have never seen one like it before! The primitive style and form are really special and the warm patina this wood lends is just delicious!

This wonderful lighting piece looks splendid hanging on the wall and will add instant charm to your cozy home immediately… especially when lit, as it evokes early 19th century living. The candle cup is also fashioned from wood and seems to have had a mishap with a flame from a candle, that was not attended to properly and burned the edge of the cup. To remedy this problem, I am also including a candle (as shown) that is wrapped at the bottom with cheesecloth so this will protect the holder. Note: Please remember you should not let the candle burn below the cheesecloth so it will not be exposed to the flame because this material is flammable.

Not one nail was used to construct this candleholder…instead the two pieces of wood were joined together using wooden pegs which signifies an early form. Image 6 shows a round hole located in the middle, near the bottom, with the candle cup in the center. Image 8 reflects the pegged construction underneath the candle cup located in two areas. Just below this area you can see the pegs that were used during the infancy period when this candleholder was being made.

The wood has tiny holes sprinkled randomly throughout that actually adds even more rustic character. There are two pieces of wood that are cut in the shape of a triangle located near the top and bottom of this piece done intentionally (to box it out) so the candleholder hangs away from the wall. Image 15 shows a close up near the top on the right hand side that reflects evidence of glue traces where the triangle piece meets the wood and constitutes a necessary repair.

A small hole located at the very top of the candleholder can be seen in image 14 where an off white residue can also be found. My feeling is this area was used to hang the holder by way of a threaded eye hook but may not have been very secure. To solve this problem, I used a piece of old wire that is secured by the front and fed though the back as shown in image 12. This candleholder hangs just right on the wall without any further ado!

The rich, warm and inviting patina cannot be any better and the amazing raised ridges in the wood lend rustic charm like nobody's business… please see image 2. There are also areas in the wood that are darker as image 9 & 10 reflect… located on the back of the holder. The front also possesses some dark areas as well but are not as prevalent as on the back side.

The little indent or curve on the right and left hand upper edges suggests a whisper of folk art charm and style incorporated by the maker. This feature is simplistic yet adds a nice decorative and interesting touch to the holder!

This candleholder should satisfy our primitive craving for woodenware and early lighting pieces we all seem to gravitate toward! I can envision this holder used during the holidays with a small wreath of greens and berries placed on top of the candle cup or with some bittersweet tucked around for autumn decorating. Enjoy!

The candleholder stands 15 1/4" tall, measures 6" across in the front @ the widest point, measures 6 1/4" across the front bottom area, candle area measures 2 1/2" tall (including the bottom of the candle base) and the candle cup opening is 1".

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