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Early Carved Scoop Lye Soap Gathering


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I am always on the lookout for something really special to use in my bathroom that has antique flavor but also has a sense of belonging in this space. If you are like me then this next offering may be a perfect fit for the “necessary room, i.e. privy”! This unique scoop is small enough to fit on a countertop and is filled with two Lye Soap bars along with a twig brush that are all included.

What is so special about this scoop is not only the unusual form but the carved out feature showing a date of “1828” with initials on the bottom. This piece may possibly have Swedish roots and the light color may give us a clue this scoop was once used for dairy products. There is a character knot (?) that does slightly penetrate the inside located on the left as referenced in images 8 & 9.

The carved handle design reminds me of a tulip as shown in image 14. There are interesting dark color variations in the wood located on the side of the handle as well as the body as referenced in images 11 & 12. This piece is smooth to the touch including the top edges from years of use. A microscopic chip is located on the top edge near the front. This wonderful scoop is in very good condition less any major cracks.

The two chunks of lye soap offered with this gathering came out of a Pennsylvania barn and fill the inside of the scoop quite nicely. The twig brush was fashioned from wispy twigs that were individually hand cut to form a circle. Aged cheesecloth was used to secure each twig in place as well as a poppy pod.

This attractive gathering would also work well with your laundry themed collectibles or can even be used in the kitchen by the sink. Most likely one of a kind piece, signed and dated by the maker lending special attributes that are far too compelling to pass up! Enjoy!

Scoop measures 6 1/3” across the top including the handle, bowl itself measures almost 5 ¼” across not including the handle, measures 4” front to back, stands 2 ½” tall (middle area), stands 2 ¾” tall measuring handle location and bottom measures 3 ¾”. Largest Lye Soap Bar stands 1 ¼” tall and measures 2” by 2 ¼”. Wispy brush stands 5” tall and measures 2 ½” across the bottom.

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