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Early Child's Sock Stretchers in Paint


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If you happen to have a Shaker Peg rack in your wonderful home that is decorated with old child’s clothing you may be very interested in this next offering….Child’s sock stretcher! The primitive form can’t be beat and this pair is even blessed with soft buttermilk paint that is not commonly found.

The size of these stretchers is perfect as they are not too long which sometimes adds decorating stress to shorter Child’s clothing displays. The luscious surface is neutral enough to compliment any color of homespun’ s or calico’s with ease. One of the stretchers has stronger paint than it’s counterpart but all the better because when hung both colors are distinct of one another and show off very well. A quarter of the front toe area lacks paint as shown in images 1 & 2 and it is a mystery as far as why the paint was omitted. Character still seems to rule the day as this feature does not affect the overall look!

The original surface is fabulous sporting “alligator paint” that is authentic which creates and delivers delicious patina on wood we all seem to favor. The top of the painted stretcher does have some wood loss located at the top where the original hanging hole used to be and probably got worn though due to age. Another hole was added at one point so these great stretchers could be hung as was their intention. The wood of choice used is pine as you can see the “character knots” located on the back. These stretchers are in good condition without any severe cracks to report.

I added some holiday greens and berries that lazily hang from the front and can be removed if you so choose, after the season is over. These Child’s sock stretchers can also be hung in front of a mantle which may be a nice alternative or respite for traditional holiday stockings. I know you will be pleased with this offering that promises to compliment your textiles in style lending an exciting wooden element to your display! Enjoy!

Stockings stand 12” tall (measuring from the top edge to the bottom of the toe area), measures almost 3” across the top and graduates down to 2 ½” near the ankle. The wood is a little over ¼” thick.

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