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Early Grater Nice Form with Dried Garlic


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This unusual grater, not commonly found presents itself extremely well and has the option to either be hung or set on a shelf. Unlike it’s related cousins this piece exhibits slender form and possesses a rich patina in the wood while the metal punched insert also has an aged appearance.

This grater dates from around 1860 to 1880 factoring in the mortise construction located on the sides as shown in images 17 through 22. Nails were also used to secure the wood and show appropriate nail bleed. An unfortunate incident from a hectic “huswife” busy in the kitchen preparing a meal may have gotten careless by placing this grater too close to a heat source which caused an array of burn marks in the wood. The most severe is located on the back right edge while others (smaller in nature) can be found on the front right and left edges. It happens!

Observing the front of the grater, there is slight separation from the top piece of wood that was joined to the right and left hand side counterparts (edge) as shown in images 8 & 15. This grater is still sturdy as there is no experienced play in the entire piece.

The pieced ends where the grating would occur are very sharp and were punched by hand. Tiny nails located at the top and bottom in the front secure the metal to the wood. The hole at the top accommodates two fingers that would hold this grater in place while the swift action of a back and forth movement used by the other hand would get the job done.

Overall the condition is very good! You will also receive two pieces of dried garlic that lazily hang from a twisted piece of wire used as a hanger that Harry custom made. This grater reminds me of a child’s washboard because of the legs and boasts a cute size that is always fun to decorate with “rain or shine”! Enjoy!

Grater stands 13 ¼” tall, measures 6 ¼” across (right to left) and is 1 ¼” deep (front to back).

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