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Early Hand Knit Brown Mittens from Pennsylvania


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"Baby, it's cold outside", and these mittens were just the trick to keep hands warm and comfortable on a cold winters day. Someone really loved these mittens long ago as they have several "make~do" repairs and discarding them was just not an option.

The color is absolutely fabulous boasting a rich chocolate brown and the repairs were executed with turkey red wool and forest green thread. These large hand knit mittens have a nice decorative cuff and the form is just charming.

There is a worn area about a half of an inch on the left mitten inside the thumb, please see image 10. A little bit of fading to the wool is also in this same area but the rest of the color on this mitten is strong indeed. The same holds true to the right mitten on the inside thumb area and on the upper edge where the second repair was done. Please see image 5. Other than that these mittens are in very good condition and no musty odors are present.

These mittens could quite possibly have Pennsylvania origin and the color and form are not only hard to find but very appealing and desirable. Cozy, warm, unusual and showy are the key words that describe these fantastic primitive mittens! Try them on for size and I know you will be happy you did! Enjoy!

Measurements are a generous 13" Long, 5 1/4" across the top to the end of the thumb & 4" across the cuff area.

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