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Early Hog Scraper Candlestick with Folksy Handmade Bird Accent Neat


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Sometimes things just need rescuing….. like a friend from a sticky conversation where you eagerly jump in and change the subject or an injured animal that needs care and love or in this case an early hogscraper candlestick that needs tending to. What can I say but I am a rescuer and see vision in old pieces that can be neutered back to life for a chance at a second life!

This early to mid 19th century candlestick had a problem with the push up handle as it would not stay put…. as told and seemed stuck in a downward position. Harry fashioned a piece of wood that was wedged inside the shaft (or metal tube) to position the height of a candle so it would not fall down. The handle can be pushed up further but is a bit persnickety. You actually don't need to use the push up because the candle (which is included) does stay in place with a little coaxing……to push it down inside the top hole. I color matched the paint used on the wooden wedge as shown in image 2 and you can hardly tell this piece was a recent addition from a distance. The hog scraper is in good condition with honest wear and the dark surface is just delicious! This piece is most likely from England.

I have seen several of these candleholders that have a hole located on the side, near the bottom of the handle and am not sure what purpose this served? My creative side responded by coming up with an idea to use a perch, fashioned from a dowel, to insert in this hole so a little bird could sit comfortably on top. I color matched the paint on the perch and made a tiny bird from nutmeg brown and cream homespun. She also sports one wool wing and has been entirely blanket stitched using old black cotton thread. She was stuffed with raw cotton and possesses a slender figure. Her eyes were painted on both sides and her beak was painted as well. Harry fashioned the darling wire legs that are attached to the perch and she is quite happy with her surroundings. This little gal has folk art appeal and promises to imaginatively sing every morning which is a delight!

I thoroughly enjoy owning early lighting pieces and hogscraper candlesticks grouped together, boasting different sizes make a dramatic statement no matter where they are placed. This early candlestick is very unique, one of a kind and would be a great addition to your existing collection, adding plenty of whimsy and charm that should make you and your homestead quite happy!

The candlestick stands 8 1/2" tall (including the candle measurement), candlestick itself stands 5" tall, top diameter is 3/4" and the bottom base diameter is almost 4". Wee bird measures 2" long and stands 1 1/2" tall @ the tallest point (head to feet).

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