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Early Homespun Apron Blue and White Farmhouse Flavor Superb Condition


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The beauty of textiles is always something that has a special place in our home and our hearts whether it is a warm cozy quilt used during the winter months or in this case a quaint homespun apron. I can just envision this apron being worn not only to protect clothing when cooking or baking…to gather up eggs from the hen house… or also lovingly used to dry children’s tears as well. You just have to wonder how many families wore this apron and what their lives were like over a century ago. See the second to the last image taken many years ago portraying a family, even the little girl, wearing homespun aprons.

This late 19th century apron has strong color and is in excellent condition without any stains, holes or rips to report and was obviously well cared for. The soft cotton homespun boasts tiny checks done in a deep cornflower blue and rich ecru color. Depending on how tall you are this apron was fashioned to hang below the knee and is not a full length apron size.

This apron has two types of hand sewn stitches throughout. The larger stitches are executed at the top of the hem while the other is much smaller (Lilliputian style) worked about a quarter inch below as shown in images 15 & 7. The fabric was gathered inside near the two seams as shown in images 6 & 7 to assure a slightly contoured bottom. The outermost edges of the fabric located on each side vertically (right and left) are lighter in color but do match as referenced in images 8 & 9.

The hand stitching is also visible on the front of the fabric as shown in images 10 & 12. There is a tiny area on the hem located on the first set of stitches (at the top very most edge) where the thread has pulled away and leaves a small tail about ½” long. The opposite side is intact. A piece of fabric was added to accommodate the “waist tie” that was turned under and hand stitched as well. See image 16.

This wonderful apron would grace a Shaker peg with style or can also be hung off the side of a cupboard with ease. One thing is for sure…this piece will add special farmhouse charm to your home immediately! You can always tell your husband you are “hanging up the apron” so “out to dinner we will go”! Enjoy!

The apron measures 26” tall and measures 53” across the bottom (hem) area. Waistband measures 19 ½” and the waist tie measures 25 ¾” per tie (right and left hand side measure the same).

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