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Early Homespun Blue Child's Dress


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What an adorable Child's dress that just speaks to you lending simple form yet presents favorable homespun accents we all can appreciate. This dress is in good condition and the colors are still somewhat strong with intermediate fading which is to be expected of a 19th century textile that has been worn and used by a little girl.

I believe all the stitching has been done by hand and is of a "Lilliputian form"…very tiny stitches throughout. There are some areas in the front that have some light stains but are not visible from a distance….please refer to image 4 (near the front homespun placket, off to the left) and images 10 & 11 (on the back of the right and left hand sleeves near the cuff area). Image 3 also shows some light staining on the front of the homespun pocket itself.

There is a hole located on the back of the dress as shown in image 9 and measures 1" tall (horizontal) by 1 1/4" high (vertical). There are no odors present and the cotton fabric is soft to the touch.

The buttons on the placket are a replacement. However we have a clue that they used to be Mother of Pearl… as there is still one remaining button left on the belt. This belt can be pulled forward in the front position or you can just let the ends fall naturally from the back. A portion of the belt (about 2" across) is stitched to the back of the dress (no loops are present) so it won't get lost.

The images of this dress are just a tad lighter than the actual color which is a little deeper. There are no rips present. Overall condition is still good. This charming dress would make a nice addition to an existing textile collection, appropriately hung on a Shaker peg rack or would be a perfect starter piece as well. Enjoy!

Dress measures 17" tall (from the tallest point near the collar to the bottom), measures 9" from shoulder to shoulder), measures 12" across just above the pocket area (right to left) and has a slight flare toward the bottom that measures 17" across (right to left). The pocket opening is 2 1/4" and the pocket itself measures 3" tall.

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