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Early Hooded Doll Cradle


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This circa 1790~1840 doll cradle is the earliest we have offered to date and is not commonly found. It is offered with a darling miniature teddy bear, coverlet heart and doll quilt so it can be displayed immediately and enjoyed!

Even though this cradle is not in perfect condition, it is a survivor and still displays well. Square nail construction is evident as shown with separate pieces of wood joined to secure the rockers. The back rocker below the hood has experienced wood loss as shown in image 5, 26 & 27 but gives us a clue as to the early nails used to fashion this piece. There are a couple of cracks on the top of the hood as well as on the right hand side as referenced in images 7 & 23.

The top edge of the footboard has some wood loss as shown in images 15 & 16. Appropriate deemed wear shows throughout and the edges are smooth to the touch. This piece was painted at one point as shown by the vestiges on the bottom side panels, back, inside and especially on the bottom referencing the apple green paint. Salmon paint seems to trump the apple green as shown in images 6 & 8.

The jointed, plush teddy bear is as big as a minute having replacement glass eyes! The jointed feature includes both sets of arms and legs being pose-able at the same time (not individually). There is a dark area on his left foot as shown but he has learned to accept this mishap! He also has a hand stitched nose and mouth. A tiny portion of the wire used to join his arms to the body are visible but the other jointed areas hide this feature.

An old coverlet was used to fashion this dynamic red and ecru heart boasting a floral pattern clinging to wispy stems. Gently aged ticking fabric is a perfect complement on the back making this heart reversible. Great condition without any flaws to report.

This darling doll quilt was fashioned from fabric dating to 1880 to 1910 with the exception of the horse and the black zig~zag pattern which dates to the first quarter of the 20th century. This textile may have possibly been treadle sewn as referenced by the stitches in image 54. The back of the quilt does have several holes at the top left location as well as a small hole on the front. There are some light stains on the front while the back has a much darker appearance.

This interesting cradle would be a perfect fit for your bedroom and can be placed on top of a blanket chest grouped with an array of other child’s items such as animals, old blocks, school books / readers and of course toys! Great early piece that will certainly delight you and your homestead while evoking sweet childlike charm!

Cradle stands 8” tall (back hood location), stands 4 ¾” tall (front), measures 15” across and measures 4 ½” front to back. Bear stands 5” tall (fully extended) while the sitting position is 3 ½”, measures 2” across @ the widest point (shoulders) and measures 1 ¾” from his nose to the back of his head. Doll quilt measures 8” by 6 ¾”. Coverlet heart stands 6” tall, measures 4” @ the widest point across and is 1 ¼” thick (front to back).

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