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Early Marking Sampler dated 1829 Turkey Red Thread English Framed Fantastic


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"Be still my beating heart" was my reaction when I saw this wonderful sampler Judy wanted me to present to you! Not only is this sampler magnificent but it also has been professionally framed, mounted under glass and is ready to be hung in your lovely home immediately!

This piece is signed by Jean Pratt and is dated 1829. It is an English Marking Sampler that was executed using tiny cross stitches. The alphabet appears on the first, second and a portion of the third line. The rest of the third line consists of numbers from "1" to "0". The number "8" and number "9" are missing some of the thread as is consistent with age.

The fourth line portrays capital letters starting with "A" and ending with "F". In regards to the fifth line, random letters seem to rule the day starting with the letters "T" ~ "P". Some of these letters are hard to make out however, I don't believe they make up any particular words.

The last line of this gorgeous sampler spell out the maker, Jean Pratt, the date of completion 1829 with the letters "TP" following the date. These letters must have a meaning as she has used them together twice but the mystery of this intention will probably go unsolved.

What I find so appealing about this piece of artwork is the decorative "S" done on a slant that borders the entire sampler which lends fancy detail and surely enhances the form with style and charm. If you notice at the top there is a focal point in the middle that mimics a featured crown. Another nice detail the maker chose to execute is a double square border just below the "S" pattern and also just above it that lends importance and creates a break for the numbers and letters. Neat!

There is some minimal thread loss on the capital "D" down at the bottom near the right and also on the "N" in Jean. The square borders also appear to be effected at random but this piece is still in very good overall condition without any fading, holes, tears or stains to report. Not bad considering this wonderful textile is 185 years old!!!

This sampler was professionally backed on a solid, almost khaki color that compliments this piece by creating a neutral background without taking away from the focal point. The glass front is in excellent condition as well!

The mitered frame of choice lends a deep walnut color that makes the sampler really stand out and is in very good condition with just a few minor scratches present at the top and also at the bottom. The wood is as smooth as silk without any sharp edges to report. The back of the frame has a paper cover that holds four felt circles in each corner to protect the wall when hung. This paper has been tacked down using small staples at random. Some of the paper has several tears as shown in images 8 & 9. Scotch tape located at the top near the saw tooth was used at one point to secure the torn paper and is holding up well. The label reflecting the company name of "The Starving Artists" located in Costa Mesa, California shown on the back indicates the wonderful custom framing job they did years ago.

Antique samplers such as this one are absolutely sought after as the quality and workmanship speak for themselves as well as the one of a kind creation executed by a patient little school girl! Enjoy!

The sampler measures 13 3/4" across by 13 3/4" Tall and is 3/4" thick.

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