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Early Sampler 1830 Miss Mary with Floral and Bird Motifs


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I would like to present Miss Mary’s marking sampler dating to around the “1830” time frame. Mary blessed us with a darling bluebird that has caught a blue worm perhaps for her babies shown near the bottom along with several urn and floral motifs. This delightful sampler mounted and framed under glass was worked with cotton thread on a linen ground.

Mary signed this textile in the upper left hand corner using scarlet red thread. Some of the words are very difficult to make out and decipher such as the line above her name which will remain a mystery. The first word on the next line reads, “Bet” or “Bat” and could indicate her intentions for the word “Best”. The next set of letters don’t actually make sense….” A n b m l p t r o g y” and this is only an estimation. She did actually do her best and did create charming motifs that enhance her work.

Mary also blesses us with an array of varied stitches that include cross, 4-sided, eyelet, satin, herringbone, close herringbone, stem or outline along with chain and rice. These stitches indicate the diversity in her ability to show off her skills in a big way. A combination of cornflower and indigo blue colors seem to be more prominent than the ecru and oyster hues that were incorporated.

There is minimal thread loss and no holes are present. The aged linen hue is consistent throughout and lends a nice warm appearance. This sampler was hand stitched to the back as shown in images 20 and also on the back referencing 21 through 26. The frame and glass are in good condition but the backing does show some age related light wear along with small areas of discoloration. Nails were used to hold the back in place as shown.

Samplers are just so sweet as they were wrought by little girls that did their best with practice stitches that would serve them well later on in life. No two are ever alike which makes it fun to collect these special textiles that proudly grace our walls! Enjoy!

Sampler measures 17 ¼ across (right to left), stands 11” tall and is ½” deep.

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