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Early Scrub Box Table Version


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What I favor most about this wonderful scrub box is not only the rare small size but the gorgeous patina as well. If you are limited for space and who isn’t…..this piece will fit just about anywhere of your choosing. The civil war era silverware and old lye soap are also included and look great displayed inside this scrub box.

This hand fashioned mid to late 19th century piece of treen was used to scrub silverware and small items for cleaning purposes. The soap stands at the ready nestled in the deep well located on the right. The scrub area that has appropriate wear and a slight indentation from use exhibits three tiny hand cut nails near the front edge as referenced in image 15. At some point the right leg went missing so Harry did a “make-do” repair to replace it as shown in images 4 & 20 which was no easy task. The front area below the scrubbing portion also needed to be added as well. I color matched the patina as shown in images 5, 6 & 19.

There is appropriate nail bleed around the nails as well as surface wear that shows some minor scratches sprinkled randomly throughout. Image 7 reflects a tight crack that starts from the left and works it’s way to the right terminating at the half way point on the side of the box. There is also a smaller crack on the right (about 2”) at the top location. A couple of “cluster” chips are present on the corner of the left hand side area as well.

One other tight crack can be found on the other side (back) about an eighth of an inch from the bottom before the curve. The overall condition is still very good as this piece displays very well.

The civil war era fork and knife possess a decorative silver inlay feature that is quite exciting! The handle on the knife was fashioned from bone while the handle on the fork was made of wood. Both have carbon steel properties. The fork is in excellent condition but the knife has a tight hairline crack on the back of the handle as referenced in image 25.

An old piece of lye soap found stored in the rafters of a Pennsylvania barn was added for authenticity and enhanced with homespun, berries and a beechnut pod from our beech tree. This unique gathering that evokes historical importance of examples used in the kitchen on a daily basis that actually survived is just a special piece to own. Aren’t you glad we all have dishwashers at our disposal today? Enjoy!

Scrub box measures 13” long, measures 2 3/8” tall and 5 ½” (front to back). The inside recessed area measures 5” across, 4 ¾” (front to back) and is 1 ¼” tall. Knife measures 9” tall and measures ¾” at the widest point (bottom of the handle). Fork measures 7 ¼” tall and measures almost ¾” at the widest point (bottom of the handle). Old Lye Soap measures 2 ½” across the top, measures 2 ¼” (front to back) and stands 1” in the front location while the back measures 1 ½” tall.

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