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Early Shoo Fly Screen Chopping Cutting Board


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What a lovely gathering that will add interest to any open cupboard, kitchen counter or even a lonely shelf that beckons country charm. You will receive the shoo fly screen, footed cutting board and 3 pieces of dried garlic as shown.

This shoo fly screen is an antique and not a make do piece. The screen is in very good condition without any holes or tears to report. There is an area located on the back where it is a little out of round but the rest of the screen is not affected. This fly screen dictates a medium size and can accommodate a variety of items placed inside other than then the garlic shown here. The condition is very good and the dark color is desirable.

A square, vintage cutting board is the perfect marriage for the fly screen as they both seem to enhance each other’s personalities in a complimentary way. The surface on the top of this maple board is delicious because of the dark hues especially in the middle that exhibit a “crazing” feature in the wood. The raised areas are also a delight along with light and dark variations presented on the top surface.

The attributed four round feet located on the bottom characterizes this piece as a riser sporting an elevated design trait. Each foot has a hole in the middle and the dark, circular areas surrounding the feet give us a clue that they have been a part of this boards life for a long time as shown in image 20. Each foot does possess an age crack but does not exhibit enough separation for concern. There is a crack located in the center of the board that does show though on the bottom. This piece is sturdy but does have a minimal amount of play in the crack area. Chop marks are present on the top along with surface wear from usage. Two pieces of wood were used to create the thickness of this board and suggest it may have been glued together as shown in image 19.

As an extra treat three pieces of dried garlic that can be placed under the fly screen are also included as mentioned above. I can also envision using fresh string beans, (called leather britches when dried), lemons or what about using wee pumpkins or apples for autumn decorating placed under the screen. Don’t forget about adding greens, red berries, clementine oranges and cinnamon sticks for the holidays too that can also be placed on the outside of the screen on top of the board. Just a great offering that has so much primitive charm combined with your creative touches makes this gathering very enticing! Enjoy!

Chopping Board measures 9 ¼” across (right to left), measures 9” front to back, stands 2 ¼” tall including the feet, board itself is 1 ¼” thick. Shoo fly screen stands 5 ½” tall, measures 7 ½” across the bottom and metal knob measures 1 ¼” across the top. Garlic sizes vary from 3” to 2 ½” tall and measure 2 ½” across the bottom to 1 ¾”.

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