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Early Spice Box Slide Cover Table Version


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This interesting walnut comprised spice box that dates from the early 19th century has great form sporting a raised center on the slide lid cover along with trim details that finish off this piece quite nicely. It represents a smaller version and will fit anywhere in your home even if you have space limitations.

I consulted with a dealer friend of mine regarding the surface as it looks quite dry and there is no visible evidence of appropriate nail bleed. He advised that pieces such as this one were refinished back in the mid-20th century to satisfy a “craze”. Apparently, someone stripped off the milk paint using a solution of hot lye. This method actually bleached out the area where the nails reside leaving a white circular appearance behind. Images 20 & 21 reflect the wood that was not privy to this treatment as shown on the underside of the lid. Tiny cut nails were used in the construction of this spice box.

There is a piece of wood missing from the top upper corner as shown in image 12. It does not appear to be a clean break and my guess is this corner may have been affected by a wee hungry mouse who tried to gain entrance for the delectable spices housed inside. The left bottom corner has slight damage as shown in image 8. Setting all aside, this box is a survivor and is in overall good structural condition. The six divided compartments are intact and boast honest patina preserved by the protection of the lid.

If you are a lover of dry attic surface objects then this piece should deliciously satisfy your craving! I can envision this box in a pantry with other like minded collections as well as on your kitchen counter with perhaps a mortar and pestle nearby awaiting a good work out from the whole spices that need to be crushed. This is just a very unusual offering that is not easily found. Enjoy!

Box measures almost 9” across (right to left), stands 3 ¼”tall and measures 5 ¾” front to back (deep). Compartments measure about 2 ½” by 2 ½”.

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