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English Pictorial Marking School Girl Sampler signed and Dated Gorgeous


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What an exciting marking and pictorial English sampler which is signed “Lettitia Davies, age 12” and dated, “1880”. This special piece is housed in a wonderful grain painted frame under glass and is one of the best samplers I have purchased to date. The endearing animals, hearts, birds, flower motifs and symbols sprinkled throughout are absolutely charming! This sampler is quite detailed and has a lot going on……it tends to draw you in and certainly captures your attention for a closer look.

The colors are bright and gay which seems to reflect happiness and will chase those blues away every time you gaze upon it! I can’t believe this child was only 12 years old and had the artistic eye to create cheerful motifs that pleased her….. always being mindful to incorporate a sense of balance and color in her work.

This sampler is in very good condition with all stitches accounted for, has strong color and is not faded. There is some intermittent staining due to age sprinkled throughout as shown in the images but nothing obtrusive to detract from this work of art. My favorite figure is the dog referenced in image 12. Davies added variegated yarn to portray grey and white spots on the dog and this attention to detail is well received by anyone who has an appreciation for artistic talent. You can actually spend some time pouring over the intricate detail that was true to her heart. The two opposing, large trees located near the top have bright red berries accented with midnight blue leaves that really stand out against the buttermilk ground. This piece can also be considered folk art because of all the whimsy and geometric symbols that may proclaim good luck.

This cross stitched textile consists of letters as well as numbers which makes this a school girl marking sampler. However Davies decided to have fun with the rest of the work by adding things that pleased her which also constitutes a figurative piece, of course laced with folk art appeal.

The frame is contemporary and grain painted by a special folk artist that is part of the “Early American Life” artisan directory. She chose a rich, mustard color and the soft design stands out but does not detract from the sampler’s focal point. This textile is secured under glass which protects the color and fabric from the environment.

What a statement this lovely textile would make in the entry of your home or even in your bedroom so when you awake every morning you can see it……. as it will emphatically brighten your day!

Overall measurements including frame are 18 ½” Tall, measures16 ½” wide (right to left) and is ¾” thick.

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